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Dragon Raja Funds (SEA)

Investment Fund

Investment Fund


-18% Remise

13,95 EUR

11,44 EUR
Investment Fund II

Investment Fund II


-18% Remise

18,60 EUR

15,25 EUR
Informations sur la commande

Dragon Raja: A Next-Generation Open World Mobile Game with Realistic Graphics

Dragon Raja is an exciting new open-world mobile game supported by Unreal Engine 4, known for its stunning graphics and next-generation gameplay. Developed by Famous Heart Limited, this game allows players to create unique characters and experience real-time, interactive gameplay from all around the world. Setting itself apart from other games in terms of both graphic quality and gameplay, Dragon Raja offers players an immersive world to explore.

Dragon Raja utilizes a simulated physical collision system and optical motion capture technology to provide players with a "smart" in-game environment. This enables players to experience a realistic gaming experience and fully immerse themselves in the game. As players navigate the detailed and captivating world, they will encounter numerous natural landmarks spanning from Tokyo to Siberia and become part of unique stories.

Comprehensive Character Customization System

Dragon Raja places great importance on character customization. Players can shape the appearance, clothing, and personalities of their characters entirely to their liking. These choices will have an impact on in-game NPCs and story progression, making each player's experience different from others. The game offers a wide range of clothing styles, such as casual, retro, street, and futuristic, allowing players to dress their characters as they desire.

Long-Awaited Return Event

The game organizes events that provide players with more excitement and rewards. The "Long-Awaited Return" event allows players to log in daily and earn different rewards. Through this event, players can earn Coupons and Fund to enhance their in-game experiences.

What are Coupons and Fund?

Coupons are a special in-game currency used in Dragon Raja. Players can use Coupons to purchase various items, cosmetic goods, and power-ups. Coupons are a great option for accelerating progress in the game or personalizing the appearance of characters.

On the other hand, Fund is a premium currency that players can purchase with real money. Fund allows players to acquire more valuable and powerful items. With Fund, players can obtain rare items and enhance their characters further. Fund helps players reach higher levels of in-game achievements and competitiveness.

About Dragon Raja SEA Investment Funds

Dragon Raja SEA Investment Funds offer two different options for players to improve their gaming experience and earn valuable in-game rewards.

Investment Fund I

Players who choose this fund will have the opportunity to earn 880 Coupons. Coupons are a valuable in-game currency that enables players to make various purchases, including items, cosmetic products, and power-ups, significantly enhancing their gaming experience.
Additionally, players will receive a 10x diamond return, providing a significant bonus to their diamonds. Diamonds are another valuable in-game currency that allows players to access exclusive content and strengthen their characters.
Players who opt for Investment Fund I will also receive rare draconic weapons. These powerful and unique weapons give players a significant advantage in battles, making their characters stand out from others.

Investment Fund II

For players seeking even greater rewards, Investment Fund II offers 980 Coupons. As mentioned earlier, Coupons are a valuable in-game currency used for various purchases.
Similar to the first fund, players will receive a 10x diamond return, allowing them to increase their diamond reserves and access premium content or improve their characters.
In addition, players participating in Investment Fund II will obtain a rare title. This special title serves as a prestigious badge showcasing the players' investments and dedication in the game. Rare titles are highly sought-after items that enhance players' reputation within the Dragon Raja community.
By participating in either investment fund, players not only earn valuable in-game rewards but also gain the opportunity to progress faster in the world of Dragon Raja SEA. These funds are designed to cater to different player preferences and investment levels, ensuring that each player can find a suitable option to enrich their gaming experience.

Purchase Coupons and Fund on Lotkeys.com!

To progress faster in Dragon Raja and create powerful characters, players can purchase Coupons and Fund through Lotkeys.com. Lotkeys.com is a reliable and secure in-game currency platform, offering a user-friendly interface and easy payment options, making purchasing Coupons and Fund more accessible than ever. By taking advantage of the advantageous prices on Lotkeys.com, players can earn more rewards and make a difference in the captivating world of Dragon Raja.

Dragon Raja stands out as an exceptional mobile game with realistic graphics and rich gameplay, providing players with a unique experience. The comprehensive character customization options, captivating stories, and thrilling events make it an essential choice for players interested in adventure and role-playing games. The importance of Coupons and Fund in the game, along with the opportunity to purchase them through Lotkeys.com, will help players enhance their gaming experience. Join the world of Dragon Raja now, embark on this unique adventure, and create your legend!

How to Find Your Dragon Raja User ID?

1. Click on the profile icon in the top left corner.

2. Your Dragon Raja User ID will be displayed on the screen.

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