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Cyber Hunter Credits (Global)

72 Credits

72 Credits

60 + 12 Credits

-6.1% Remise

0,91 EUR

0,86 EUR
360 Credits

360 Credits

300 + 60 Credits

-7% Remise

4,60 EUR

4,28 EUR
816 Credits

816 Credits

680 + 136 Credits

-7% Remise

9,20 EUR

8,56 EUR
2376 Credits

2376 Credits

1980 + 396 Credits

-7% Remise

27,60 EUR

25,67 EUR
3936 Credits

3936 Credits

3280 + 656 Credits

-8% Remise

46,00 EUR

42,32 EUR
7776 Credits

7776 Credits

6480 + 1296 Credits

-8.5% Remise

92,00 EUR

84,18 EUR
Informations sur la commande

Cyber Hunter: Next-Generation Virtual Game, Unlimited Fun and Competition!

Cyber Hunter offers you limitless entertainment and excitement as a next-generation competitive virtual space mobile game! With its unique features and creative gameplay mechanics, it combines various elements like survival, shooting, exploration, skills, and parkour to provide a different gaming experience. By purchasing Credits from Lotkeys.com, you can gain in-game advantages and have a chance to stay one step ahead in this thrilling world.

What is Cyber Hunter?

Cyber Hunter is a science fiction and warfare-themed game developed and distributed by NetEase, available for both mobile and laptop platforms. The game features a battle royale format where players enter the game with jet-fueled parachutes. To survive, you must develop your own survival strategies, defeat enemies, and be the last one standing, using various weapons and tactics.

Game Features

Cyber Hunter allows players to create vibrant characters with not only appearances but also hundreds of cosmetic designs. Special skills and tactics offer a wide range of options, from optical camouflage to quantum barriers, allowing you to formulate your own tactical system. Moreover, there are special parkour movements that players can perform, enabling them to stylishly defeat enemies.

The game presents players with a vast world to explore. It offers various environments such as waterfalls, desert temples, and swamp ruins, each with its own story and mysteries to uncover. During these explorations, you can find and utilize numerous different weapons.

What are Credits and How do They Work?

In Cyber Hunter, you need Credits to gain in-game advantages and become stronger. Lotkeys.com is a reliable platform where players can easily purchase Credits. Credits are a virtual currency used for in-game transactions, granting you various advantages. You can use Credits to access more cosmetic items, special equipment, powerful weapons, or extra abilities. This way, you can battle against other players with more strength and equipment, achieving greater excitement and success.

Why Choose Cyber Hunter?

Cyber Hunter stands out from other battle royale games with its thrilling gameplay mechanics and numerous features. It offers the freedom to create unique and vivid characters, special skills and tactics, a vast world to explore, and the opportunity to gain an edge in the game using Credits. The fun parkour movements and eye-catching graphics enrich the gaming experience even further.

Remember, by purchasing Credits from Lotkeys.com, you can fully unleash your potential in the game, outshine your competitors, and achieve victories in Cyber Hunter's immersive world.

Cyber Hunter continues to be the preferred choice for players who love competition and seek excitement. Purchase Credits from Lotkeys.com now and create your own legend in this immersive world!

How to Find Your Cyber Hunter User ID?

1. Click on the profile icon in the top left corner.

2. Your Cyber Hunter User ID will be displayed on the screen.

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