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Flash Party Lucky Coin (Global)

60 Lucky Coin

60 Lucky Coin

-17.2% Rabatt

0,92 EUR

0,76 EUR
190 Lucky Coin

190 Lucky Coin

-18% Rabatt

2,79 EUR

2,29 EUR
320 Lucky Coin

320 Lucky Coin

-18% Rabatt

4,65 EUR

3,81 EUR
540 Lucky Coin

540 Lucky Coin

-12.5% Rabatt

6,98 EUR

6,10 EUR
1070 Lucky Coin

1070 Lucky Coin

-16.5% Rabatt

13,95 EUR

11,65 EUR
1850 Lucky Coin

1850 Lucky Coin

-24.1% Rabatt

27,90 EUR

21,19 EUR
3700 Lucky Coin

3700 Lucky Coin

-18% Rabatt

46,50 EUR

38,13 EUR
7500 Lucky Coin

7500 Lucky Coin

-19% Rabatt

93,00 EUR

75,33 EUR

Flash Party: Star Dust Warriors, Gather Around!

An exciting and fun combat party is here in a completely new way! Flash Party is a mobile platform fighting game. In this thrilling combat party, you can control the most interesting Heroes. Attack, jump, dodge, and block... knock your opponents off the stage with all kinds of moves! Choose from over 20 characters, with more on the way! Battle with the Star Dust Warriors takes the fighting style to a new level: 4 different classes, each with distinct mechanics. Discover your unique style and become the next Party Star!

Flash Party How to Play?

The path to victory is as simple as knocking everyone off the stage! Attack the Heroes controlled by other players and increase the K.O. (Knock-out) Score; the higher the K.O. Score, the more likely your opponents will be knocked out.

Unique Characters

Meet a variety of unique characters! A chubby snowman, a Trial God descending from the sky, a high school girl with an apple-shaped head, and an idol singer admired by everyone, all await you in the exciting Flash Party battles! Currently, we have over 20 Heroes in our lineup, with more to come!

New Mechanics

The combat mechanics have been completely revamped in the new Star Dust Warriors version! Heroes are divided into four types: All-Rounder, Aggressor, Power House, and Blocker; each has a special fighting mechanism.

All-Rounder: Attack in three directions to build up energy and unleash the Super Neutral Special attack.
Aggressor: Cancel specific attacks with specific movements to remove Finish Delays, create rich combo openings, and variations.
Blocker: Attack Shields to build up energy and unleash the Super Hold and Throw attack.

The Sticker System is also getting a complete upgrade; equip new Colorful Stickers to change our Heroes' Moves and enhance your unique fighting style!

Game Modes

Different scenarios, levels, rules, and daily events provide a fresh experience. You'll participate in fun battles like 1v1, 2v2, 4-Player Brawl, and Soccer Mode. We also have weekend limited events and Friendly Wars you can play against your friends. Players looking to improve their combat techniques are welcome to the Pinnacle Arena! Strive for a higher Rank in Modes like Pinnacle 1v1, Pinnacle Relay, and Pinnacle Team and become the Master Player of the Party! Developing Game Modes will be added to the Lab Mode to provide you early access to our new gameplay styles. Innovation and creativity are the spirits of the party!


Become the brightest Party Star by collecting Skins, K.O. Effects, and various Costumes from themed sets like Detective Team, Pool Party, Eastern Tales, and Cosmic Adventure, among others!

Season: Party Pass

Each season comes with a unique theme. Join matches or complete season tasks to unlock party rewards including Skins, Emojis, K.O. Effects, and more. Purchase a Starcard to obtain Exclusive Rewards from past Seasons.

Opportunity to Develop Awesome Battle Strategies

In Flash Party, you can meet, form, or encounter new friends. Arrange your Hero Lineup and showcase your achievements. Achieve the highest fighter ranking in the Hero Score and Arena Ranking regional Leaderboard. Here, you can enjoy the Battle Party with many of your friends!

What is Flash Party Lucky Coin? How Can I Purchase It?

You can enhance and customize your gaming experience in Flash Party by purchasing Lucky Coins. You can buy Lucky Coins from Lotkeys.com. Use Lucky Coins to unlock exclusive Skins, K.O. Effects, and other rewards. These rare coins help you unlock unique items in the in-game store and personalize your character's appearance. Collect Lucky Coins to unlock the most valuable treasures in the Flash Party world and become the best fighter!

Flash Party is a mobile platform fighting game filled with exciting combat parties, customizable characters, and various game modes. Develop your unique fighting style, engage in fun battles with friends or opponents, and customize your character using Lucky Coins. Dive into the Flash Party world and become the brightest Party Star!

How to Find Your Flash Party User ID?

1. Click on the profile icon in the top left corner.

2. Your Flash Party User ID will be displayed on the screen.

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