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Call Of Duty: Mobile (SEA)


Get Ready for New Adventures in Call of Duty: Mobile - Garena: Battle Zone Awaits!

Get ready to experience the legendary FPS thrill on your mobile devices with Call of Duty®: Mobile - Garena! Presented by Garena Mobile Private, this game is playable on Android and iOS platforms. Packed with new updates and features, this game is prepared to immerse you in a unique and action-packed battlefield experience.

New Get Wrecked Season

With this exciting new season, the doors to adrenaline-fueled adventures are opened for you. Hop on a ship and rush into the battlefield, battling it out with your opponents in heated waters. Complete missions to earn rewards and seize supremacy on the sea.

New Weapon: FFAR 1

Alter your gameplay style with the new FFAR 1 weapon! With its high rate of fire and mobility, this assault rifle will provide you with an advantage on the battlefield. Combine power and speed to conquer your rivals.

New Multiplayer Map: Armada Assault

Are you prepared to engage in epic naval warfare on vast seas? Chase down enemies and secure victory on the Armada Assault map. Experience thrilling moments by utilizing both tactical thinking and quick reflexes.

New Game Mode: Search and Rescue

It's time to strategize to revive your allies before the bombs explode. The Search and Rescue mode will test your team's ability to come together and collaborate for victory. Enjoy the taste of winning together!

New Battle Royale Mode: Knight's Covenant

Step into the world of brave knights! The Knight's Covenant mode takes you on an immersive adventure by requiring you to gather the resources needed to survive. Collect resources, deal with your enemies, and be the last one standing.

What is Call of Duty: Mobile CP?

CP (CoD Points) is used within Call of Duty®: Mobile - Garena to expedite progress and make customizations. CP assists in obtaining exclusive items, weapons, and more. One way to acquire CP is by safely purchasing from Lotkeys.com. Lotkeys.com offers a secure and easy method to buy CP, enabling you to enjoy an enhanced in-game experience with top-tier equipment.

Call of Duty®: Mobile - Garena stands out as a game that brings action-packed experiences to your mobile devices. With new updates and features, you can prove yourself on the battlefield, lead your team, and defeat your rivals. By purchasing CP from Lotkeys.com, you can accelerate your in-game progress and engage in battles with top-level gear. Get ready, the battlefield awaits you!

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