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Ys 6 Mobile VNG Package & PASS (Global)

Value Monthly Card

Value Monthly Card

-16.3% Zniżka

15,84 PLN

13,27 PLN
Luxury Monthly Card

Luxury Monthly Card

-17.2% Zniżka

39,60 PLN

32,79 PLN
Informacje o zamówieniu
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Your Legendary Adventure Begins in Ys 6 Mobile - The Ark of Napishtim!

Ys 6 Mobile, officially licensed by Falcom and published by VNG Games, is the latest masterpiece of the RPG classic series Ys that has captured the hearts of millions of adventurers for over 30 years.

Dragon Warrior

The first Dragon Warrior to awaken in hundreds of years - Aegon, the Dark Dragon, always seeks revenge due to past conflicts with humanity. Aegon commands his army to attack the beautiful Canaan Islands and sets his plan in motion. However, Orlando, a descendant of his bloodline and a Dragon Warrior, emerges in time to prevent the tragedy. With unique gameplay, the Dragon Warrior is a brave melee combatant who can swiftly approach enemies and instantly obliterate them with combination strikes. The Dragon Warrior's opponents remember only intense pain and searing heat spreading through their bodies. Furthermore, the Warrior can transform into different classes such as Warrior, Ranger, Mage, Assassin, Samurai, and Demon Hunter, adapting flexibly according to preferences and creating customizable abilities.

Exciting Battles of Various Shapes and Sizes

Enjoy different battle missions and challenges: dungeons, story mode, boss raids, treasure hunts... Through these, explore the stories of the Ys 6 Mobile world, earn experience points, and receive valuable rewards. Form teams against powerful bosses and conquer epic battles or face opponents in individual combat. Will you be able to do what it takes to achieve victory?

Captivating Pet Collection

Collect various pets that will accompany you in battles and explorations. Elevate your pets' attributes to gain more advanced combat abilities and evolve their unique appearances.

Social Life: Never a Dull Moment

Throughout your adventure, there are inevitably sweet romantic encounters filled with surprises. Bond with your destined partner through a grand wedding and receive various couple gifts. Additionally, when engaging in other leisure activities like farming, arranging household items, and NPC interactions, you'll find things that refresh and bring tranquility and excitement during your adventurous journey.

Where to Obtain Emelas and YS Tickets?

Emelas and YS Tickets can be purchased from Lotkeys.com, offering in-game resources and advantages. Emelas is an in-game unit primarily used for development and customization purposes. YS Tickets grant access to exclusive content and benefits, enriching the gaming experience.

Ys 6 Mobile - The Ark of Napishtim is an RPG game offering a wide open world filled with exciting adventures, battles, and discoveries. Playing as the Dragon Warrior, transforming into different classes, and improving your pets, you'll embark on a unique journey in the world of Ys 6 Mobile. By purchasing Emelas and YS Tickets through Lotkeys.com, you can further enrich your adventure and gain an edge over your rivals.

How to Find Your Ys 6 Mobile Role ID?

1. Click on the profile icon in the top left corner.

2. Your Ys 6 Mobile Role ID will be displayed on the screen.

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Ys 6 Mobile VNG Package & PASS (Global)


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