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Undawn RC (Global)

55 RC

55 RC

50+5 (55) RC

-34% Zniżka

3,96 PLN

2,61 PLN
170 RC

170 RC

150+20 (170) RC

-29.7% Zniżka

11,88 PLN

8,36 PLN
285 RC

285 RC

250+35 (285) RC

-33.8% Zniżka

19,80 PLN

13,11 PLN
575 RC

575 RC

500+75 (575) RC

-33.8% Zniżka

39,60 PLN

26,22 PLN
1160 RC

1160 RC

1000+160 (1160) RC

-32.3% Zniżka

79,20 PLN

53,66 PLN
1750 RC

1750 RC

1500+250 (1750) RC

-34.8% Zniżka

118,80 PLN

77,50 PLN
2700 RC

2700 RC

2250+450 (2700) RC

-23.3% Zniżka

158,40 PLN

121,57 PLN
2375 RC

2375 RC

2000+375 (2375) RC

-39.8% Zniżka

198,00 PLN

119,24 PLN
6200 RC

6200 RC

5000+1200 (6200) RC

-33.8% Zniżka

396,00 PLN

262,35 PLN
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Survive in the Forgotten World of Undawn!

Undawn immerses you into the depths of a challenging post-apocalyptic world with its survival and exploration-themed open-world game. Developed by LightSpeed Studios and published by Level Infinite, this game has met its fans on June 15, 2023. Playable on mobile and PC platforms, Undawn combines the best features of shooter and adventure games.

Surviving in a Forgotten World

In Undawn, after a global catastrophe, you embark on an adventure in a devastated world ruled by infected creatures alongside other survivors. The game blends both PvP and PvE modes in an apocalyptic desert where you must strive to survive against infected creatures and other humans.

Find Your Own Path to Survival

Become a true resilience expert. Provide protection against harsh conditions faced by yourself, your allies, and what's left of humanity. Undawn's flawlessly designed open world is filled with realistic details using Unreal Engine 4. Players must consider survival indicators like Hunger, Body Type, Vitality, Health, Hydration, and even Mood for their characters. Environmental changes will affect these survival indicators in real-time. Players can customize their characters' appearance and outfits, interact with other players, trade weapons and resources, and engage in battles to protect their resources.

Explore the Vast Open World

Dare to explore a massive map filled with diverse terrains, from flatlands to mines, deserts, swamps, and abandoned cities. While researching these areas, each with distinct ecosystems featuring animals, plants, and weather systems, you can discover special game modes through interactive environmental objects, war-worn castles, and dynamic weekly events and side quests. Players must bravely explore the continent, learn to craft vehicles, master different weapons, build a shelter, search for survival companions, and do whatever it takes to survive. Infected creatures can appear at any moment during exploration, posing a constant threat to your presence!

Rebuild the Ruins

Rebuild a new home and civilization with the wisdom of humanity – construct your base of operations according to your preferences and survive alone or with friends in a sprawling 1-acre mansion. The robust free-building system offers over 1,000 furniture and structure types, providing ways to expand your settlement over time. Seek out other outposts to ensure your home's security and unite against infections.

Form Teams to Survive

Secure your success as a member of the legendary Raven Team. While traditionally symbolizing death and omens, Raven can also represent prophecy and insight. Your team lives between these two meanings day and night. In the new world, four years after the disaster, surviving humans have divided into different factions, each with its own survival rules. Battle against the Clowns, Eagles, Night Owls, and Reivers to reach a new day by surviving the darkest nights.

Arm Yourself Against Apocalyptic Threats

Defend your home, allies, and what remains of humanity against all types of threats with a wide range of weapons and armor. Beyond standard weapons, players can also utilize hundreds of tactical equipment options, including melee weapons, drones, decoy bombs, automated turrets, and more. Choose from over 50 vehicle types for quick resource runs and employ environment-specific tactics to conquer different infected zones.

Play According to Your Playstyle

Expand and define your survival path in the world of Undawn. Achieve the best results with various game modes and activities you can participate in while rebuilding your life. Opt for competitiveness in the Grand Prix races, hop into a futuristic mech to bring the fight, or even create and play your music in the Band mode. The choice is entirely yours.

Where Can You Buy Undawn RC?

RC (Resource Coins) is a valuable resource in the world of Undawn, used as an in-game currency for trading. One way to earn these special resources is through Lotkeys.com. Lotkeys.com is a reliable and secure platform where players can purchase RC. In the game, RC can be used for acquiring better equipment, weapons, and other survival tools. By purchasing RC through Lotkeys.com, you can enhance your character and improve your chances in the post-apocalyptic world.

Undawn offers an exciting opportunity to survive in a forgotten world and build a new civilization. Realistic graphics, challenging survival mechanics, and various game modes attract players. By buying RC through Lotkeys.com, you can further enhance your gaming experience and become stronger and more resilient in this shattered world. Determine your best survival strategies, form your team, and make a name for yourself in the Forgotten World!

How to find your Undawn Legends User ID?

1. Click on the Profile icon in the top-left corner.

2. Click on the "More" button in the top-right corner, then your ID will be displayed on the screen.

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