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Uber Gift Card (MXN)

Uber Gift Card 250 MXN

Uber Gift Card 250 MXN

Only usuable Mexico region accounts.

62,92 PLN
Uber Gift Card  500 MXN

Uber Gift Card 500 MXN

Only usuable Mexico region accounts.

125,85 PLN
Uber Gift Card 1000 MXN

Uber Gift Card 1000 MXN

Only usuable Mexico region accounts.

251,69 PLN
  • OPIS
This gift card can only be used with Mexico accounts.

Enjoy Pleasant and Convenient Journeys with Uber Gift Cards!

It's time to bid farewell to boring traffic and public transportation hassles! Uber offers one of the fastest and most comfortable transportation alternatives of the modern era. Now, get introduced to Uber Gift Cards, which provide the opportunity to give your loved ones an unforgettable gift! Available for purchase on Lotkeys.com, these gift cards make the travel experience even more special.

What are Uber Gift Cards?

Uber Gift Cards are a wonderful gifting option for your loved ones to use on special occasions or in their daily lives. These cards, easily purchasable through Lotkeys.com, can be loaded onto your Uber app account as credits. With this credit, you can travel swiftly and safely in Uber vehicles without having to worry about payment. Whether it's for you or the person receiving the gift, Uber Gift Cards offer the chance to save time while enjoying a comfortable and convenient travel experience.

Why Choose Uber Gift Cards?

Personalized Gifts: Everyone has different travel needs. With Uber Gift Cards, you can make your loved ones happy by giving them a gift on special occasions or surprise moments.

Ease of Use: Gift cards are automatically loaded onto your Uber account and ready to use. With just a few clicks, you can start traveling quickly.

Flexibility: Owners of Uber Gift Cards can use them as they please. It offers the option to use them for a few short rides or a longer journey.

Time Savings: No need to waste hours in traffic! With Uber, you can reach your desired destination comfortably and quickly.

How to Purchase?

Buying an Uber Gift Card is simple on Lotkeys.com. Choose a card that suits your needs, securely complete your payment, and receive the gift card information. This information is used to load the gift card onto your Uber account. Afterward, you can use the gift card as you like.

Uber Gift Cards provide you with the opportunity to give both a practical and unforgettable gift to your loved ones. Available for purchase on Lotkeys.com, these cards allow you to enjoy the pleasures of modern transportation. Don't miss out on becoming an Uber Gift Card holder to save time while experiencing luxurious and comfortable travel!

How Can I Redeem My Uber Gift Card?

1. Open the Uber app.

2. Open the account menu and tap on the Wallet option.

3. Tap on the + Add Funds button on the Uber Cash card.

4. Select the Gift Card option.

5. Enter your gift code and tap on Add.

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Uber Gift Card (MXN)


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