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Rotaeno Stellar Gems (Global)

100 Stellar Gems

100 Stellar Gems

-8% Zniżka

3,96 PLN

3,64 PLN
510 Stellar Gems

510 Stellar Gems

-7% Zniżka

19,80 PLN

18,41 PLN
1030 Stellar Gems

1030 Stellar Gems

-7% Zniżka

39,60 PLN

36,83 PLN
Informacje o zamówieniu
  • OPIS

Rotaeno: Welcome to the Interstellar Rhythm Adventure!

Rotaeno is a rhythm game that takes you on a journey of heart-pounding beats, where your fingers dance to the rhythm and your wrist swiftly follows the beat, immersing you in a rhythmic adventure. This game offers a unique music experience by utilizing your device's gyroscope. Spin your device to hit the notes as you soar through the stars. Put on your headphones and enchant yourself with the pulsating rhythms and fantastic synthesizers of this astronautic escapade!

A Whole New Way to Experience Music

As the name suggests, Rotaeno's standout feature is all about spinning! Building upon the core controls of traditional rhythm games, Rotaeno incorporates notes that require smooth turns and rapid spins. This gives you the sensation of gliding through a high-speed interstellar acrobatic race. A true arcade experience – right in the palm of your hand!

Diverse Music and Rhythms

Rotaeno is brimming with tracks from renowned rhythm game composers. From EDM to JPOP, KPOP to Opera, its diverse song collection includes the future favorite tune for every music enthusiast! More songs are already planned for future updates, to be released at regular intervals.

The Promised Lands, a Journey of Love and Self-Discovery

Follow our hero, Ilot, on an interstellar journey and witness his growth as he embarks on this cosmic adventure of self-discovery. Walk in the footsteps of a friend, meet natives on different planets, and strive to save the future of Aquaria!

What Are Stellar Gems?

Stellar Gems in Rotaeno are an in-game currency that you can use to unlock in-game items and content, participate in special events, or customize your character.

How to Purchase Rotaeno Stellar Gems?

You can purchase Stellar Gems from Lotkeys.com. To do so, log in to your account on Lotkeys.com, select the option to purchase Stellar Gems, and choose the desired amount. After completing your payment, the Stellar Gems will be instantly added to your account. This allows you to enhance your gaming experience and customize your character. Join Rotaeno now, embark on a rhythm adventure among the stars, and enjoy a unique experience by combining music with your moves! Secure your spot in this fun and rhythm-filled adventure today!

How to Find Your Rotaeno Character ID?

1. Click on the profile icon in the top left corner.

2. Your Rotaeno Character ID will be displayed on the screen.

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