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Game Of Sultans Package & PASS (Global)

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Explore the Power of the Ottoman Empire in Game Of Sultans!

Ascend to the throne of the Ottoman Empire in its golden age of history! Game of Sultans will make you feel like a sultan or a pasha at the pinnacle of power. Step in with unique looks and magnificent attire. Indulge in romance and might! Engage in thrilling and romantic encounters, govern your empire with wise viziers, breed Heirlooms and Heirs for the Empire! Reward yourself with glittering treasure collections. Endless fun awaits you!

Highlighted Features

Experience Romance with Wonderful Friendships: Beautiful people from all around the world come to meet you, but who will capture your heart? Choose your soulmate and write your love story!

Breed Heirs and Heirlooms: Breed Heirs and Heirlooms for the Empire! Watch your furry friends grow!

Design Your Own Look: Choose your character appearance and embellish your profile with stylish Avatars and Frames! Rule your Empire with your style!

Empower Your Viziers: Hire elite warriors and build your army! Under your strong leadership, your Empire will grow every day!

Daily Fun Activities: Discover our mini-games to boost your power and prestige – never a dull moment with weekly and monthly events! Team up or compete with friends in Dungeon Delve, Fortune's Favor, Horse Race, Dagger Heroes, Palace Delight, and many more games. Winning chances await you every day!

Form a League to Conquer the World: Players from all over the world can join your league! Battle with them for honor and victory!

Super Advantages: Earn VIP points by completing Daily Missions and upgrade your game. No need to purchase – playing is entirely free! The time has come to seize your throne and start ruling your empire! Download Game of Sultans now!

Where Can I Buy Game Of Sultans Diamonds?

Diamonds are units you can use for special advantages and upgrades in the game. You can earn Diamonds, but if you need more Diamonds, you can purchase them from Lotkeys.com. Lotkeys.com offers quick and easy Diamond purchases with reliable and secure payment methods.

What Is Game of Sultan Diamonds?

Diamonds provide you with a range of advantages in the game. They can help you progress faster, buy special outfits, accessories, and decorations. You can also use them to complete challenging tasks or win rewards in special events. Diamonds will help make your Empire stronger and more impressive! Game of Sultans is a unique mobile game that combines history, strategy, management, and romance in the atmosphere of the Ottoman Empire. Build your Empire, experience love, and savor the taste of power!

How to Find Your Game Of Sultans User ID?

1. Click on the profile icon in the upper left corner.

2. Your Game Of Sultans User ID will be displayed on the screen.

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