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Riot Points (SG)

Riot Access 6.98 SGD

Riot Access 6.98 SGD

500 RP

5,16 EUR
Riot Access 12.98 SGD

Riot Access 12.98 SGD

975 RP

9,60 EUR
Riot Access 25.98 SGD

Riot Access 25.98 SGD

1975 RP

19,20 EUR
Riot Access  45.98 SGD

Riot Access 45.98 SGD

3550 RP

33,98 EUR
Riot Access 88.98 SGD

Riot Access 88.98 SGD

7000 RP

65,79 EUR
Riot Access 128.98 SGD

Riot Access 128.98 SGD

10500 RP

95,33 EUR
Riot Points codes have a regional restriction, therefore the region of your game account must match the region of the code you intend to purchase, otherwise the code will not be effective for you.

What are Riot Access Points?

Riot Access Points are digital codes that allow players to load Riot Points into their chosen Riot Games accounts. These points can be used to purchase in-game microtransactions and extras. Riot prepaid gift cards enable players to easily acquire Riot's in-game currency without needing to provide credit card or bank account information.

Riot Access Points (RP) Codes: Virtual Credits for the Best Gaming Experience

Riot Access Points (RP) codes are a digital code system used in various games developed by Riot Games. These codes enable players to load Riot Points into their chosen Riot Games accounts. These points can be used to pay for in-game optional microtransactions, allowing players to purchase customizations, cosmetic items, and other extras within the game. Particularly in popular games like League of Legends, these codes allow players to personalize their gaming experience even further.

Riot Access Points codes, also known as prepaid cards, allow players to purchase Riot Games' in-game currency without needing financial information like credit cards or bank accounts. Using these cards is quite straightforward. Players acquire the code and then enter it into their accounts to load the points. Once loaded, these points can be used to purchase various items from the in-game store.

Now, you can easily purchase Riot Access Points codes through Lotkeys.com. Lotkeys.com is a reliable platform that assists players in loading RP codes onto their Riot Games accounts. There's no need to worry about online payments; Lotkeys.com offers secure and trustworthy payment methods to protect your personal and financial information.

Benefits of Riot Access Points (RP) Codes

Customization Opportunity: RP codes allow players to personalize their game characters and gaming experience. By purchasing cosmetic products, costumes, armors, and more, you can alter your in-game appearance as you desire.

Fast and Easy: RP codes can be quickly and easily loaded. After receiving your code, you can add RP to your account in a few steps and start shopping immediately.

Prepaid and Secure: RP codes operate on a prepaid system, allowing you to shop without sharing credit card or bank account information. Trustworthy platforms like Lotkeys.com secure and safeguard payment transactions.

Riot Access Points (RP) codes are an ideal solution for players who prefer in-game shopping while enjoying Riot Games' titles. By purchasing RP codes through Lotkeys.com, you can further customize your experience in your favorite games. Elevate your gaming experience to the next level by using these codes that open doors to customization and swift shopping for players.

How Can I Use a Riot Points Card?

1. Log in to your League of Legends (LoL) account via the Riot Client.

2. Click on the store icon in the top right corner.

3. Click on the "PURCHASE RP" button.

4. Click on the "Prepaid Cards & Codes" button. Enter your code, then click the "SUBMIT" button to successfully complete your transaction.

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Riot Points (SG)


The use of this product is subject to regional restrictions. Please ensure that your account is suitable before purchasing the product.

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