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PUBG G-Coin (Global)

PUBG 1050 G-Coin

PUBG 1050 G-Coin

PUBG 1000+50 G-Coin

9,84 EUR
PUBG 2700 G-Coin

PUBG 2700 G-Coin

PUBG 2500+200 G-Coin

24,61 EUR
PUBG 5500 G-Coin

PUBG 5500 G-Coin

PUBG 5000+500 G-Coin

49,22 EUR
PUBG 11200 G-Coin

PUBG 11200 G-Coin

PUBG 10000+1200 G-Coin

98,44 EUR

PUBG: Battlegrounds - Extraordinary Battle Experience!

PUBG: Battlegrounds is an award-winning multiplayer action game that allows you to step into a realistic and thrilling battlefield. With this game, you'll experience a battle like no other, combining tension and strategy as it plunges you into the midst of the most dangerous situations.

A Game Enlivened by Experienced Players

The game's strong publishers and experienced developers ensure that PUBG: Battlegrounds offers a constantly evolving and developing world. Industry leaders like PUBG Corporation, Krafton, and Tencent Games produce content tailored to players' needs, enriching the gaming experience. Additionally, thanks to the vision of experienced designers such as Brendan Greene, every detail is meticulously thought out to provide an unforgettable experience.

Develop Your Own Strategy, Make a Difference

PUBG: Battlegrounds offers an unforgettable experience filled with action and strategy at every moment. Create your own strategy, collaborate with your team, and outwit your opponents. With constantly updated content and innovations, you'll experience new excitement every time. Enhance your in-game experience by purchasing G-Coin through Lotkeys.com. Forge your own style, showcase your uniqueness on the battlefield, and have an unforgettable experience!

Publishers and Developers of PUBG: Battlegrounds

The publishers that bring PUBG: Battlegrounds to the world with great excitement include PUBG Corporation, Krafton, Tencent Games, and more. The developers of the game are PUBG Corporation, Krafton, Tencent Games, KRAFTON, Inc., Lightspeed & Quantum, Level Infinite, and Bluehole. The master designer behind the game's design is Brendan Greene.

New Adventures with New Weapons in PUBG: Battlegrounds

With the addition of the new Dragunov rifle to PUBG: Battlegrounds, you'll be able to move across the battlefield like a true sniper. This weapon, which uses 7.62mm bullets, offers the ability to effectively neutralize your opponents with its high damage potential. Seize the opportunity to take down your enemies with a single accurate shot, escalating tension to the peak in Solo and Team modes. However, Dragunov comes with its own challenges: high recoil and a slower firing rate requiring a steady hand and quick reflexes. If you're confident in your ability to master these features, you can dare to take on this challenge!

PUBG G-Coin and Lotkeys.com

In the game, G-Coin is an in-game currency. You can easily purchase G-Coin through Lotkeys.com. This special currency enables you to buy in-game items, acquire new weapons, costumes, and more. Lotkeys.com facilitates the purchase of G-Coin with secure and fast payment methods. This allows you to personalize your in-game experience and customize your character as you wish.

Transform your game into a more exciting and diverse experience with the PUBG: Battlegrounds update! Customize your game with new weapons, features, map areas, and the Aston Martin collaboration, and develop your best battle strategies. Purchase G-Coin from Lotkeys.com to discover in-game riches and outsmart your opponents with astonishing customizations!

How Can I Use a PUBG G-Coin?

1. Click on the "STORE" button in the top right corner, then click on the "ADD BONUS / GIFT CODE" button in the bottom left corner.

2. Enter your code and click on the "REDEEM" button, then the process will be completed.

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