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Metin2 Dragon Coin DC

Metin2 30 EP - 9 TRY

Metin2 30 EP - 9 TRY

30 Dragon Coin

-9.1% Remise

0,30 EUR

0,28 EUR
Metin2 60 EP - 18 TRY

Metin2 60 EP - 18 TRY

60 Dragon Coin

-10.6% Remise

0,61 EUR

0,54 EUR
Metin2 180 EP - 45 TRY

Metin2 180 EP - 45 TRY

180 Dragon Coin

-11.4% Remise

1,53 EUR

1,35 EUR
Metin2 450 EP - 90 TRY

Metin2 450 EP - 90 TRY

450 Dragon Coin

-12% Remise

3,06 EUR

2,70 EUR
Metin2 1275 EP - 225 TRY

Metin2 1275 EP - 225 TRY

1275 Dragon Coin

-12% Remise

7,66 EUR

6,74 EUR
Metin2 3000 EP - 450 TRY

Metin2 3000 EP - 450 TRY

3000 Dragon Coin

-12% Remise

15,33 EUR

13,49 EUR

An Overview of the Game Metin2

Metin2, a game that holds a special place in the hearts of players from all around the world, has been the choice of MMORPG enthusiasts for many years. In this unique game set in a fantastical world, battles, quests, and adventures await you in lands ruled by four different kingdoms. However, imagine a game that is not limited to just battles, quests, and adventures but is also supported by an economic system. This is where Metin2's in-game currency, called "Won," comes into play.

Metin2's In-Game Currency - Won

In Metin2, Won is a valuable in-game currency that players can use to enhance their characters, strengthen their equipment, or purchase various in-game items. However, acquiring Won is not always easy. Players can earn this valuable currency by completing various in-game tasks, defeating monsters, or engaging in trade. At this point, for players who do not want to spend too much time in the game or want to quickly power up their characters, we have a solution: Lotkeys.com!

What Is Metin2 Game?

Metin2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in a fantastical world filled with character classes, quests, and battles. The game features different character classes, including warriors, ninjas, shamans, suras, and lycans, each with unique abilities, attributes, and items.

What Is Metin2 Won?

Won is one of the primary in-game currencies in Metin2, essential for players to buy in-game items, enhance their characters, and engage in trade with other players. While Yang is another in-game currency in Metin2, Won holds a higher value and is typically used in larger trading transactions.

How Can I Purchase Metin2 Won?

There are several ways to earn and accumulate Won within the Metin2 game world. However, for players who may not accumulate enough Won through in-game activities or those with limited time, Lotkeys.com offers a secure way to purchase Won quickly and easily. Lotkeys.com provides users with the opportunity to buy and sell Metin2 Won in a fast, reliable, and convenient manner.

How Can I Sell Metin2 Won?

If you are considering selling the Won you've accumulated in the game, you can do so through Lotkeys.com. You can quickly earn real money by selling your Metin2 Won on the platform. Lotkeys.com ensures that Won sales are carried out securely, providing peace of mind to both buyers and sellers when purchasing or selling Won.

Metin2 System Requirements?

The system requirements for Metin2 may vary depending on your device and playstyle. However, for a general overview, you can review the minimum and recommended system requirements below.

System Requirements Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows 7 Windows 10
Processor 2nd Generation Intel Core i3, i5, i7 7th Generation Intel Core i3, i5, i7
Graphics Card AMD Radeon R7 240 AMD Radeon RX590
DirectX 9.0c 10
Storage 6 GB available space 10 GB available space


Metin2 offers a unique gaming experience with its fantastical MMORPG world, diverse character classes, and engaging quests and battles. Won, which plays a crucial role in the in-game economy, allows players to purchase in-game items, enhance their characters, and engage in trade with other players. Lotkeys.com enriches the Metin2 experience by providing players with the opportunity to buy and sell Won, making the game even more exciting.

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Metin2 Dragon Coin DC


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