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Ace Racer Tokens (Global)

65 Tokens

65 Tokens

60 + 5 Tokens

-10.1% Remise

0,93 EUR

0,84 EUR
189 Tokens

189 Tokens

180 + 9 Tokens

-2% Remise

2,82 EUR

2,76 EUR
270 Tokens

270 Tokens

250 + 20 Tokens

-10% Remise

3,76 EUR

3,38 EUR
357 Tokens

357 Tokens

340 + 17 Tokens

-7.5% Remise

5,64 EUR

5,22 EUR
630 Tokens

630 Tokens

600 + 30 Tokens

-17.9% Remise

11,28 EUR

9,26 EUR
740 Tokens

740 Tokens

680 + 60 Tokens

-26.9% Remise

12,22 EUR

8,93 EUR
1300 Tokens

1300 Tokens

1180 + 120 Tokens

-19.1% Remise

18,80 EUR

15,21 EUR
1680 Tokens

1680 Tokens

1600 + 80 Tokens

-2.2% Remise

23,50 EUR

22,98 EUR
2580 Tokens

2580 Tokens

2280 + 300 Tokens

-17.5% Remise

47,00 EUR

38,78 EUR
4095 Tokens

4095 Tokens

3900 + 195 Tokens

-7.8% Remise

56,40 EUR

51,98 EUR
6230 Tokens

6230 Tokens

5580 + 650 Tokens

-19.3% Remise

94,00 EUR

75,86 EUR
8400 Tokens

8400 Tokens

8000 + 400 Tokens

-10.5% Remise

112,80 EUR

100,91 EUR
Informations sur la commande

Ace Racer: Thrilling Races and Exciting Adventures!

Ace Racer offers an exciting arcade-style racing game that captivates racing enthusiasts with a mobile gaming experience. As the flagship game from NetEase Games, Ace Racer draws inspiration from other popular racing games like the Asphalt series and QQ Speed, providing players with the opportunity to showcase their skills in top-tier vehicles on breathtaking race tracks.

Unique Vehicle Experience and Special Ultimate Abilities

Ace Racer boasts a rich collection of legendary vehicles with unique ultimate abilities that elevate the vehicle experience beyond the ordinary. Alongside real-life legendary models from Porsche, Nissan, and other renowned car manufacturers, players can also find original vehicles designed exclusively for the game. Each vehicle has its own special abilities, enabling players to change the course of the race with unique maneuvers such as passing through walls, drifting during turns, and achieving high-speed sprints.

Impressive Tracks and Stunning Locations

Ace Racer offers the chance to race in enchanting and famous tourist locations from all around the world. Experience the thrill of speed on the glittering streets of Los Angeles, race through the modern landscapes of Shanghai, drift on neon-lit streets in Tokyo, or kick up dust in the Nevada and California deserts. Immersive and detailed tracks provide players with the genuine feeling of being a racing pro, making every moment action-packed and immersive.

Tokens: The Key Currency in Ace Racer

In Ace Racer, players use a virtual currency called "Tokens" for in-game purchases and unlocking features. Tokens allow players to access numerous advantageous features and enhance their gaming experience. Players can use Tokens to customize their vehicles, unlock new and powerful cars, participate in special events, and much more.

Where to Purchase Ace Racer Tokens?

Players can easily acquire Tokens from a reliable source called Lotkeys.com. It is a trusted digital content platform where players can securely and swiftly obtain Tokens, enhancing their Ace Racer experience. With a user-friendly interface and various payment options, Lotkeys.com enables players to procure the virtual currency, Tokens, and make their Ace Racer journey even more enjoyable.

What Are Tokens Used for in Ace Racer?

Tokens are one of the most crucial currencies in Ace Racer, serving several useful functions:

Vehicle Development and Customization: Tokens enable players to personalize their vehicles with custom paint, decals, wheels, and lights. Players can create unique racing machines tailored to their own style.

Unlocking New Vehicles: Tokens help players unlock more powerful and faster vehicles. By obtaining different legendary vehicles with various abilities, players can elevate their racing skills to the next level.

Participation in Special Events: Tokens assist players in participating in special events and obtaining unique rewards. These events provide exciting races and exclusive content for players to enjoy.

Ace Racer is an ideal choice for players seeking a high-paced and action-packed racing experience. Tokens play a significant role in enriching this experience as an essential in-game currency. Through Lotkeys.com, players can access a reliable and fast platform to obtain Tokens. Are you ready for exhilarating races? Harness the power of Tokens, rev up your engines, and push the limits in Ace Racer!

How to Find Your Ace Racer User ID?

1. Click on the profile icon in the top left corner.

2. Your Ace Racer User ID will be displayed on the screen.

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