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Boxing Star Gold (Global)

66 Gold

66 Gold

60 + 6 Gold

-62.6% Descuento

0,91 EUR

0,34 EUR
363 Gold

363 Gold

330 + 33 Gold

-61.6% Descuento

4,60 EUR

1,77 EUR
935 Gold

935 Gold

850 + 85 Gold

-62% Descuento

9,20 EUR

3,50 EUR
1980 Gold

1980 Gold

1800 + 180 Gold

-61% Descuento

18,40 EUR

7,18 EUR
4950 Gold

4950 Gold

4500 + 450 Gold

-61.6% Descuento

46,00 EUR

17,66 EUR
11000 Gold

11000 Gold

10000 + 1000 Gold

-61.5% Descuento

92,00 EUR

35,42 EUR
Información sobre pedidos

Boxing Star: The Greatest Star of the Boxing World

Boxing Star is an adrenaline-filled boxing game that allows you to control real fighting action with the toughest, fastest, and most precise punches. Progress on your journey to become the most famous and impressive star in the boxing world by training and customizing your own boxer. Gold, which you can purchase from Lotkeys.com, will provide you with a significant advantage on this path to victory and offer the resources you need to strengthen your boxer.

Combat Action and Strategy

Boxing Star gives you the chance to showcase your mastery of martial arts and test your skills. Choose from six playable characters with different fighting styles. Jin provides a balanced approach as an All-Around Fighter, while Tomas excels as a Volume Puncher Fighter, delivering powerful punches to his enemies. Titus is an In-Fighter who is effective in close combat, while Jacob is an Out-Fighter famous for his long-range attacks. Diego is a Hard Puncher Fighter, inflicting substantial damage, while Koji is a Slugger Fighter, focusing on strong and striking assaults.

Training and Customization

Success comes not only from your skills but also from developing your boxer's abilities. Gold purchased from Lotkeys.com can be used to train your boxer and add special skills. Personalize your boxer to match your fighting style, increasing your chances of defeating opponents. Customization options include special skills and abilities like the trademark MEGAPUNCH.

League Mode and Tough Opponents

In Boxing Star, you can showcase your crazy punching skills by competing against other players in League Mode. Use Gold to upgrade your equipment and strengthen your boxer. This will give you an advantage over your opponents and help you climb the leaderboard. Purchasing Gold from Lotkeys.com will give you an extra advantage to defeat powerful opponents and advance to the next level.

Fight Clubs and Social Interaction

Join a fight club, gather with your friends, and show everyone that you are the best. Fight Clubs allow you to interact with other players and fight together. Access the Midnight Rumble Bar through the social menu and engage with other players. These social interactions will help you connect more with the game and have an enjoyable experience.

Rewards and Events

Earn fantastic rewards by completing daily, weekly, and league missions. Purchasing Gold from Lotkeys.com will give you the advantage to excel in events. Don't miss out on any special events and avoid missing out on exciting rewards.

Boxing Star Gold and Lotkeys.com

Progressing and achieving victories in Boxing Star require resources. Lotkeys.com provides a reliable platform for players to purchase Gold in the amount they need. The Gold you purchase will speed up your progress in the game, allow you to obtain powerful equipment, and make your boxer stronger.

Boxing Star is a fun boxing game that offers realistic combat action and strategic customization options. Gold provides players with the resource they need to improve their boxers and defeat opponents. By purchasing Gold from Lotkeys.com, you can gain a significant advantage on your journey to becoming the biggest star in the boxing world. Step into this exciting game filled with thrilling missions, tough opponents, and social interactions, and make a memorable place for yourself in the world of boxing!

How to Find Your Boxing Star Account Number?

1. Click on the button in the top right corner.

2. Click on the settings button in the bottom right corner.

3. Open the Support tab. Your Account Number will be displayed on the screen.

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