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IMVU Gift Card (Global)



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Create Your Own Story in the Virtual World with IMVU!

IMVU is the world's largest avatar-based social network where deeper friendships are built through shared experiences. Customize your 3D avatar to reflect your personal style. Explore chat rooms to meet friends from around the world and engage in voice chats. Role-play, dress up, throw parties, go on virtual dates, host events, and immerse yourself in a virtual world with millions of participants. And it's all completely free!

Your Dream Life Awaits You on IMVU!

Your avatar's life is yours to shape as you wish! Looking for a love story? Go on a virtual date. Need new friends? Connect with people from all over the world. Want to explore? The entire virtual reality of IMVU's metaverse awaits you. Want to make new friends? Host an event and earn rewards!

Create Your Avatar, Shape Your New Identity!

If you're into fashion, here's your chance to reshape yourself over and over again. Create a character that will help you make new friends. Shop without limits and dress your avatar to match your personal style!

3D Chats, Virtual Conversations

Chat with friends from all around the world! Meet new people near and far. 3D chat provides more than just instant messages – it offers a complete chatting experience.

Socialize, Share Your Feelings

Change poses, add filters, and share photos that give people something to talk about. Virtual chat is packed with emotes, emojis, and features that bring life to your 3D avatar.

Express Yourself with Animated WithMoji

Take your friendships to a whole new level. Chat with your friends using personalized animated WithMoji. Enjoy online social gaming with your friends and role-play your virtual life however you want!

Go VIP, Enjoy Exclusive Access!

Live the VIP life and gain exclusive status. Enjoy bonus monthly Credits and access features like Voice Chat, Event Creation, and Private Messaging. Engage in voice chats with friends in Live Rooms exclusively available to VIPs! Customize your own public room and host a standout party for millions of users, collecting tips!

More Fun with Gift Cards!

Now you can have even more fun on IMVU with Gift Cards! Customize your avatar further and have more fun with your friends using Gift Cards that you can purchase through Lotkeys.com. Gift Cards allow you to add new clothing items, accessories, and more to your avatar. Use Gift Cards to enhance your experience while creating your virtual world.

Create your virtual world with IMVU, make new friends, host exciting events, express your style, and enjoy life! It's the perfect time to savor and collect delightful memories in the digital world that mirror real-life enjoyment!

How to Use My IMVU Gift Card?

1. Go to imvu.com/next/store/ppc/ and enter the code you purchased, then click on the "Redeem" button.

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