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PUBG: New State NC (Global)

300 NC

300 NC

-11% تخفيض

3,67 AED

3,27 AED
1580 NC

1580 NC

1500 NC + 80 Bonus

-10.2% تخفيض

18,35 AED

16,48 AED
3850 NC

3850 NC

3600 NC + 250 Bonus

-10% تخفيض

44,04 AED

39,64 AED
10230 NC

10230 NC

9300 NC + 930Bonus

-10% تخفيض

113,77 AED

102,39 AED
16800 NC

16800 NC

15000 NC + 1800 Bonus

-10% تخفيض

183,50 AED

165,15 AED
35000 NC

35000 NC

30000 NC + 5000 Bonus

-10.5% تخفيض

367,00 AED

328,47 AED
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Brand New Experience: NEW STATE Mobile

For those seeking the peak of excitement and thrill, presenting the latest Battle Royale game developed by PUBG STUDIOS: NEW STATE Mobile! With this game offered by the team behind PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG), you'll experience a realistic and breathtaking combat experience on your smartphone or tablet. NEW STATE Mobile will immerse you in a chaotic world set in the year 2051, where various groups fight for survival.

Unique Features and Dynamic Gameplay Mechanics

NEW STATE Mobile offers an exhilarating battlefield with its new map named LAGNA. On this desert map of 4x4 dimensions, you'll strive to survive by blending tactical thinking and quick reflexes. You can launch strategic attacks from the highest points to enjoy intense gameplay amid stunning landscapes.

A New Era in the PUBG Universe

Set in the year 2051, NEW STATE Mobile expands the boundaries of the PUBG universe and ushers in a new era. With new factions, a chaotic world, and strategic battles, hone your skills to the maximum to stay alive. NEW STATE Mobile awaits PUBG enthusiasts with innovative mechanics, different game modes, and customization options.

Brand New Game Modes

NEW STATE Mobile offers various experiences with its latest and exciting game modes. In the "Akinta" mode, you can gain tactical advantages against your enemies in a fast-paced 4x4 battlefield, leading to tense moments. In the "7 Tur Frenkson Last Ring Survival" mode, you'll fight to the end in a 4v4 battle to defeat your opponents. Engage in these extraordinary modes and fight for survival.


Wouldn't you like to stand out in the game and personalize your character? NEW STATE MOBILE introduces a New Currency (NC) that offers you this opportunity. By purchasing NC through the Lotkeys.com platform, you can customize your weapons, acquire character costumes, and make in-game improvements. NC allows you to gain significant advantages in the game and can be easily obtained through Lotkeys.com's secure shopping feature.

What is NC? How to Use It?

In NEW STATE Mobile, players will encounter the New Currency (NC), which is used to support in-game enhancements and customizations. NC, available for purchase on Lotkeys.com, can be spent on weapon customizations, character costumes, and many other items. NC provides you with the opportunity to acquire power-ups and more that will give you an advantage in the game. You can easily purchase it from Lotkeys.com and start using it in the game right away.

Stunning Experience with Ultra-Realistic Graphics

NEW STATE Mobile offers ultra-realistic graphics that will astonish you on your smartphones and tablets. With global illumination technology, a visual spectacle that goes beyond mobile gaming awaits you. Vulkan support ensures stable performance and maximizes the game's capabilities. With NEW STATE MOBILE, you'll push the boundaries of the PUBG universe and initiate a new era.

How to Find Your New State Mobile User ID?

1. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.

2. Click on the "Settings" button.

3. Your New State Mobile User ID will be displayed on the screen.

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