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Valve's Big Update for Steam Family Sharing
Steam Game News

Valve's Big Update for Steam Family Sharing

Valve has rolled out a major update to Steam Family Sharing, making it easier for users to share their game libraries with friends and family. Here's what you need to know about the changes.

Simultaneous Gameplay

The biggest improvement in Steam Families is that members of the family can now play different games at the same time. Previously, only one person could access the shared library at a time, but now each member can enjoy their own gaming experience simultaneously.

Enhanced Parental Controls

The new parental controls allow parents to monitor their kids' gaming activities on Steam and access playtime reports to stay informed about their gaming habits.

Simplified Purchases

Parents can now easily purchase games for their children by approving and paying for them directly from their own account. This eliminates the need for gift cards or sharing credit card information.

Library Pooling

Steam Families automatically pools together the game libraries of all family members, allowing seamless sharing of games among siblings and parents. This means that even if one family member owns a game, others can borrow it without any hassle.

Restrictions and Consequences

While the new system offers many benefits, there are still some restrictions and consequences to be aware of. For instance, if a family member gets banned for cheating, all other members sharing the account will also be banned—a policy aimed at combating cheating and ban evasion.

Feedback and Adjustments

Steam Families is currently in beta testing, and Valve is open to feedback and may make adjustments based on user experience. The company may also revise the requirements for participating in Steam Family and the number of members allowed over time.

How to Join

To try out Steam Families, you'll need to opt into the Steam client beta. Simply go to your Steam settings, select the Interface option, and choose "Steam Client Beta" from the dropdown menu. More detailed instructions are available on the Steam Support page.

Overall, the response to Steam Families has been positive, with many users excited about the ability to play multiple games simultaneously and the improved parental controls. However, some concerns have been raised about restrictions on sharing accounts across different countries and the one-year cooldown for rejoining a family group. Nonetheless, Valve's efforts to enhance Steam Family Sharing are commendable, and the new features offer greater flexibility and convenience for users.

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