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Skull And Bones: All Ships And How To Get Them
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Skull And Bones: All Ships And How To Get Them

In Skull and Bones, every pirate needs a ship, and the game offers a variety of options to choose from. Each ship comes with its own set of pros and cons, with some of the best options requiring high-quality materials and Infamy Ranks to unlock. As you customize your ship with better weapons and equipment, its level increases, enhancing its capabilities on the high seas.

Below is a comprehensive list of all ships, their costs, and where to find each blueprint. Each ship listing includes a checklist option to help you keep track of your collection.


The Dhow is your starting ship, a small vessel without any weapons or furniture slots. Although it's not ideal for navigating the high seas, it serves a purpose outside of the tutorial. The Dhow can access hidden materials in small waterways inaccessible to larger ships and is the only ship equipped for hunting sea creatures with a spear, essential for crafting certain items.


The Bedar is a small, agile ship designed for DPS combat. It's the first combat-ready ship you'll acquire in the early game and is crucial for plundering after reaching Sainte-Anne. The blueprint is obtainable from the Shipwright for 660 Silver, but you'll need to provide the required materials and a fee for construction. With three weapon slots, two furniture slots, and one armor slot, the Bedar is perfect for close-quarters combat, offering a 25% damage boost when ramming enemy ships.


The Defender is an early game Tank class ship, built to withstand heavy damage during battles. Its starting health pool of 30,000 makes it ideal for players looking to conserve Repair Kits in combat. The Ironclad perk reduces Brace Strength depletion by 20% when under fire, allowing you to withstand attacks longer before needing to break.


The Sentinel is an early game Support ship with one of the game's best perks. Its ability to heal Severe Damage and Hull Health by 0.5% per second in and out of combat makes it invaluable for prolonged engagements. The blueprint is available at the Lanitra outpost northwest of Saint-Anne for 1,080 Silver, requiring a Rover 1 Infamy level for purchase.


The Firebrand is a level 3 DPS ship specializing in setting enemy ships ablaze. Its Wildfire perk spreads Ablaze to nearby ships within 125 meters, increasing the damage of burning targets by 20%. To acquire the blueprint, visit the Kaa Mangrove outpost west of Sainte-Anne for 4,950 Silver, requiring a Buccaneer Infamy level.


The Sloop, also a level 3 DPS ship, focuses on explosives and structure destruction, making it ideal for plundering outposts. Its perk provides a 50% chance per explosive hit to trigger an additional explosion, dealing 1,500 damage to a random enemy within a 150m radius. Purchase the blueprint from the Sunken Goldmine in the Coast of Africa for 4,950 Silver, requiring at least a Buccaneer Infamy level.


The Bombardier is a level 5 DPS ship, excelling in damage output and loot capacity. Its powerful perk, with a 75% chance to deal 1,000 explosive damage to nearby enemies on explosive hits, makes it a formidable adversary. Acquire the blueprint for 5,280 Silver from the Shipwright in Telok Penjarah, needing a Brigand Infamy rank.


The Vanguard, a powerful Tank class ship, boasts impressive durability and resilience in battle. With a Tenacity perk that recovers 4% of Brace Strength per second while Bracing, it's perfect for prolonged engagements. The blueprint is available at the Khmoy Estate in the East Indies for 10,560 Silver.


As its name suggests, the Hullbreaker is a level 5 DPS ship specializing in ramming tactics. Its Bullhorn perk increases ramming damage by 45% and reduces the Torn Sails effect by 80%. Purchase the blueprint from the Ruined Lighthouse in the East Indies for 15,840 Silver, requiring the Cutthroat rank.


The Pyromaniac, renowned for its damage-dealing capabilities, is one of the most sought-after ships. Acquiring it is challenging, as it requires Pieces of Eight instead of Silver and can only be obtained by completing missions for the Helm and capturing outposts in the endgame. Its Scorched perk deals 5,000 burning damage to Ablazed targets and increases Ablaze damage by 50%. Purchase it for 5,000 Pieces of Eight from the Black Market in Telok Penjarah or Sainte-Anne from the Shipwright.

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