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Honkai: Star Rail: Huohuo's Abilities and New Game Mode Revealed
Gaming News

Honkai: Star Rail: Huohuo's Abilities and New Game Mode Revealed

Honkai: Star Rail has revealed the full details of Huohuo's character kit and the new game mode "Pure Fiction" coming in version 1.6. Here's what you need to know about Huohuo's abilities and the new game mode.

Element: Wind

Huohuo will join Honkai: Star Rail. This character will have exceptional defensive abilities and the ability to increase his team's ATK and energy.


  1. Ability Talisman Protection

    • This ability has the ability to clear debuffs and heal HP from a single ally.
  2. Ability: Possession Ether Meta Flow

    • Huohuo belongs to Abundance Path as a Foxian girl and increases the chance to resist crowd control debuffs. She also gives enemies the Horror-Struck effect, reducing their ATK for a certain number of turns.
  3. Ultimate: Tail Spirit Administration

    • Huohuo has a simple ultimate ability. This ability regenerates energy for his teammates and increases their ATK for several turns.
  4. Technique: Evil The Extermination of Evil

    • Huohuo can benefit from "Stress Reaction to Horror", a unique trace that he can use to regenerate his energy when his own Ability is triggered.

New Game Mode: Pure Fiction

Honkai: Star Rail's version 1.6 will introduce a new game mode called "Pure Fiction", which will be available in mid-December. This persistent mode will pit Trailblazers against a variety of enemies that constantly spawn in each stage. The more enemies players defeat, the higher their score at the end of the challenge. Completing Pure Fiction can be a great opportunity to unlock new characters and Light Cones, as each stage earns up to 720 Stellar Jades.

Other Updates

  1. Forgotten Hall: A new dungeon added with version 1.6.

  2. Memory of Chaos Phases: The availability period for each phase has now been increased to six weeks, meaning players will have an extra four weeks to clear them.

Honkai: Star Rail continues to bring exciting content to players, introducing Huohuo's skill set and a new game mode called Pure Fiction. With these updates, players will be able to enjoy an experience full of new characters and events while enjoying the game.

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