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Why use Furina in Genshin Impact?
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Why use Furina in Genshin Impact?

When it comes to scouting teams in Genshin Impact, Furina, the last 5-star character, has become a name players won't want to ignore. Furina is a high-level scouting character whose ability to switch between Ouisa and Pneuma alignments allows players to complete puzzles without constantly changing their team composition.

Furina's Combat Skills

Furina's Elemental Abilities make her versatile in combat encounters. In particular, her ability to stun Clockwork Mech enemies with the appropriate Arkhe Energy type makes her stand out. Her ability to walk on water is also useful for underwater exploration and puzzle solving.

Furina's Powers and Abilities

Furina's abilities scale to her maximum HP, making her a reliable support character in combat scenarios. Her abilities are game-changers for scouting teams, not only in the Fontaine region but also in other regions of Genshin Impact.

Chance to Acquire Furina

The new Arkhe energy mechanic in the Fontaine region, combined with underwater exploration and puzzles in other areas of Genshin Impact, once again challenges players to find all the hidden treasures this region has to offer. However, there is one character in particular that players looking to explore the new Fontaine region of Genshin Impact should not overlook.

Players who wish to fully explore the Fontaine region should consider locking the character in the event Wish banner where Furina is active. Otherwise, it is likely that the chance for players to obtain Furina or an equally useful character for exploration in Genshin Impact will not come for some time.

Furina is the Crown Crown for Expedition Teams

Furina's Talents:

  1. Soloist's Solicitation (Normal Attack): Depending on Furina's current alignment, light sword attacks periodically apply Ouisa or Pneuma energy alignment. Charge attacks change Furina's Arcane Energy alignment and also change her Elemental Abilities accordingly.

  2. Salon Solitaire: Salon Members (Ouisa Aligned Elemental Skill): Summons three friends in Furina's entourage and performs ranged Hydro attacks on nearby enemies. As these friends attack enemies, this reduces the health of nearby players by up to 50% and grants them an attack boost. Damage scales based on Furina's maximum HP.

  3. Salon Solitaire: Singer Of Many Waters (Pneuma Aligned Elemental Skill): Summons a standing friend and heals nearby players. The healing value scales depending on Furina's maximum HP.

  4. Let the People Rejoice (Elemental Burst): Area effect deals Hydro damage. During this ability, Fanfare points are generated when a nearby player is healed, providing stacked damage and healing increases for each Fanfare point accumulated.

  5. Endless Waltz (Passive): Healing above Furina's maximum HP heals nearby characters not from Singer of Many Waters.

  6. Unheard Confession (Passive): Every 1,000 HP of Furina increases the healing and damage of her Elemental Ability.

  7. The Sea is My Stage (Passive): Xenochromatic Abilities charge 30% faster.

Furina's ability to switch between Ouisa and Pneuma alignment makes the game much more interesting and exploration-oriented. This allows you to complete most open-world puzzles in the Fontaine region without constantly changing team compositions. Beyond exploration, Furina is equally useful, especially when fighting the new Clockwork Mech enemy type. Players can often use one of the two Arkhe Energy types to stun these enemies, making Furina's ability to change alignment great. This character is also a must-have when exploring underwater due to one of her passive abilities that allows her to recharge her underwater abilities faster.

Another notable feature of Furina is her ability to walk on the surface of the water while any of Furina's Elemental Abilities are active. Furina's Elemental Ability can make the character walk on water for a fixed amount of time, which can help with many puzzles not only in Fontaine, but also in other areas of Genshin Impact.

Since Furina's Elemental Burst and both of her alternate Elemental Abilities scale to her maximum HP, she is a reliable off-field support character for any combat scenario. Furthermore, her ability to utilize Ouisa and Pneuma energies and her ability to walk on water make Furina a game-changer not only in Fontaine, but also for scouting teams in other regions. Players who do not yet have this character should seriously consider acquiring her in the event Wish banner during Genshin Impact's 4.2 Update.

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