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Hay Day Diamonds (Global)

55 Diamonds

55 Diamonds

Pile of Diamonds 50 + 5

-17.6% Diskaun

2,71 SGD

2,23 SGD
143 Diamonds

143 Diamonds

Bag of Diamonds 130 + 13

-17% Diskaun

6,79 SGD

5,63 SGD
303 Diamonds

303 Diamonds

Sack of Diamonds 275 + 28

-17.1% Diskaun

13,59 SGD

11,26 SGD
627 Diamonds

627 Diamonds

Box of Diamonds 570 + 57

-17.1% Diskaun

27,19 SGD

22,55 SGD
1650 Diamonds

1650 Diamonds

Chest of Diamonds 1500 + 150

-17.4% Diskaun

54,39 SGD

44,93 SGD
4400 Diamonds

4400 Diamonds

Trunk of Diamonds 4000 + 400

-17.1% Diskaun

135,99 SGD

112,69 SGD
Maklumat Pesanan

Hay Day - Manage Your Farm, Buy Diamonds from Lotkeys.com!

Welcome to your Hay Day Farm! With this game, you'll have the chance to create and manage your dream farm. Hay Day is a farm simulation game played by millions of players on mobile platforms, offering the most enjoyable and easy farming experience. You can plant crops, harvest, feed your animals, and engage in trade. Diamonds play a crucial role in the game, and you can buy them from Lotkeys.com to develop your farm faster and more efficiently.

Diamonds and Lotkeys.com

In Hay Day, diamonds are a special in-game currency used for various purposes such as speeding up processes and unlocking additional areas. With diamonds, you can shorten production times, accelerate construction, and progress faster in the game. You can also use diamonds to purchase rare items or decorations. Lotkeys.com provides a reliable and fast platform for Hay Day players to buy diamonds securely. Through Lotkeys.com, you can safely purchase diamonds and enhance your farm just the way you want.

Functions of Hay Day Diamonds

Diamonds serve many advantageous functions in Hay Day. For example, you can use diamonds to reduce production times and make crops instantly ready for harvest. You can also use diamonds to quickly produce materials or feed your animals. Diamonds are essential for rapidly developing your farm and unlocking more space. By purchasing diamonds from Lotkeys.com, you can make your farm more efficient and progress faster than other players.

Features of Hay Day Farm Pass

Farm Pass is a subscription service in Hay Day that enriches the farming experience and allows you to earn extra rewards. By purchasing Farm Pass, you gain several advantages that help you complete farm tasks faster and more efficiently. Farm Pass holders can earn more badges by completing daily missions, which lead to bigger rewards. Additionally, Farm Pass allows you to unlock unique rewards like rare items and special decorations by completing exclusive missions.

Advantages of Hay Day Farm Pass

Farm Pass holders earn badges faster by completing tasks, leading to leveling up and obtaining more rewards.
Exclusive missions in Farm Pass offer unique rewards like rare items and decorations.
With Farm Pass, you can unlock extra areas, expanding your farm and increasing your production capacity.
Farm Pass subscribers receive various bonuses and advantages by leveling up their Farm Pass.

How to Get Hay Day Farm Pass?

Farm Pass is a subscription service that players can purchase from Lotkeys.com. You can enjoy all the benefits of Farm Pass during the relevant duration. Additionally, you can acquire Farm Pass subscription more easily and quickly by purchasing diamonds from Lotkeys.com. With Lotkeys.com's secure shopping platform, you can obtain the diamonds you need to further develop your farm without any issues.

Remember, Farm Pass subscription offers an opportunity to enrich your farming experience and make the game even more enjoyable. Step into the world of Hay Day now, build your dream farm, and quickly develop your farm by taking advantage of Farm Pass benefits!

How to Find Your Hay Day Player Tag?

1. Click on the button located in the bottom right corner.

2. Click on the book icon.

3. Your Player Tag will be displayed on the screen.

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