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Clash Royale Gems (Global)

88 Gems

88 Gems

Fistful of Gems 80 + 8

-17.2% Diskaun

1,34 SGD

1,11 SGD
550 Gems

550 Gems

Pouch of Gems 500 + 50

-17% Diskaun

6,74 SGD

5,59 SGD
1320 Taş

1320 Taş

Bucket of Gems 1200 + 120

-17.1% Diskaun

13,49 SGD

11,18 SGD
2750 Gems

2750 Gems

Barrel of Gems 2500 + 250

-17.1% Diskaun

26,99 SGD

22,38 SGD
7150 Taş

7150 Taş

Wagon of Gems 6500 + 650

-17.3% Diskaun

67,49 SGD

55,81 SGD


Mountain of Gems 14000 + 1400

-17.1% Diskaun

134,99 SGD

111,85 SGD
Maklumat Pesanan

Clash Royale - Epic Battle of Arenas

Welcome to the Arena! Clash Royale is an exciting real-time multiplayer card battle game set in the Clash of Clans universe. Designed by Supercell's creators, this game features your favorite Clash characters and units. Join the battle world where millions of players challenge each other worldwide, requiring strategy, speed, and skill.

Real-Time Card Battles

Clash Royale offers a unique card battle experience that demands mastery in strategy and deck-building. You can collect over 100 different cards and have the chance to upgrade them. Famous Clash of Clans units and spells like the Hog Rider, Magical Archer, Fireball, and many more are at your disposal, enhancing the diversity of your battle deck.

Gems: The Key to Your Progress

Gems, the most valuable asset in the game, play a critical role in your progress. They provide you with various advantages and opportunities within the game. You can strengthen your battle deck and upgrade your cards by purchasing valuable resources like gold and crowns. Additionally, you can use Gems to quickly reach higher levels in the Arenas, participate in special events, and enjoy a complete gaming experience.

Secure and Fast Gem Purchase from Lotkeys.com

While Gems can be earned in the game, you may sometimes wish to progress faster and gain additional advantages. That's where Lotkeys.com comes in! Lotkeys.com is a reliable and fast platform where Clash Royale players can buy Gems. Designed to meet the players' needs, it offers a variety of Gem packages, competitive prices, and a user-friendly interface.

Functions of Gems

Gems provide you with various in-game opportunities:

Swift Progression: You can reach higher Arenas faster, unlocking powerful cards and rewards.

Special Offers: Using Gems, you can purchase exclusive offers that appear in the game, acquiring rare cards.

Treasure Chests: Gems can be used to swiftly open treasure chests, unlocking valuable rewards.

Event Participation: By spending Gems, you can take part in special events, earning magical rewards and exclusive cards.

Excitement of Battles: Leagues and Clan Wars

Clash Royale offers a world filled with thrilling battles. Join leagues to face the world's strongest players and compete for fame, glory, and rewards. You can also join a clan or create your own, share cards with friends, and participate in Clan Wars together, winning fantastic rewards.

Seasonal Events and Pass Royale

Each season in Clash Royale brings new tower skins, emotes, and powerful magical items along with Pass Royale. Additionally, you can test your skills and enjoy rewards by participating in seasonal challenges.

Clash Royale provides an unforgettable experience for fans of exciting real-time card battles and strategy games. Gems help speed up your progress and assist in building a stronger battle deck. Lotkeys.com, with its reliable and fast service, will elevate your gaming experience and prepare you for the epic battles of the Arenas. Challenge other players worldwide and showcase your dominance in Clash Royale!

How to Find Your Clash Royale Player Tag?

1. Click on your username in the bottom left corner.

2. Your Player Tag will be displayed on the screen.

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Clash Royale Gems (Global)

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