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Palworld: All Black Marketeer Locations
Game Guides

Palworld: All Black Marketeer Locations

In the vibrant world of Palworld, players encounter not only adorable creatures known as Pals but also a diverse array of NPCs. Among them, the elusive Black Marketeers stand out, offering rare and exotic pals for sale. Here's everything you need to know about locating these shadowy vendors in Palworld.

Uncovering Black Marketeer Locations

Palpagos Island is home to 15 Black Marketeers, each strategically positioned across its vast expanse. While some can be easily found, others require a bit of exploration. For beginners, the Black Marketeer west of Desolate Church at coordinates 40, -404 is a straightforward discovery. Players who've unlocked the Eastern Wild Travel fast point can also find one by venturing west to coordinates 462, -122. Keep in mind that Black Marketeers found inside caves are always available, while those in the open world may disappear temporarily.

Here's a comprehensive list of all Black Marketeer locations

Location Coordinates

West of Eastern Wild Island

462, -122

West of Desolate Church

40, -404

East of Sea Breeze Archipelago Church

11, -548

Southwest tip of beach near Mount Obsidian

-728, -629

West of Bridge of the Twin Knights

-93. -354

West of Ruined Fortress City located north of Mount Obsidian

-607, -235

Inside Cove Mineshaft located west of Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant

-290, -183

West of Mount Flopie Summit

-21, 94

At the bottom of the waterfall located south of Tower of the Free Pal Alliance

216, -10

At the northern tip of Frostbound Mountains

142, 182

At the edge of cliffs northwest of Icy Weasel Hill

-38, 218

Inside Secret Mineshaft located west of Tower of the PIDF

501, 344

Outside northern wall of Duneshelter

357, 370

At the edge of the cliff northeast of Astral Mountains

104, 480

Northwest of Fort Ruins


146, -372

Making Deals with the Black Marketeer

The Black Marketeer isn't your typical merchant; they specialize in selling rare Pals and even trafficking human NPCs. Apart from purchasing Pals, players can sell captured human NPCs to the Black Marketeer for a handsome sum. This provides an excellent opportunity to accumulate gold coins, a valuable resource in Palworld. Additionally, engaging in combat with Black Marketeers can yield substantial rewards, albeit at considerable risk. These formidable foes are formidable opponents, often armed with powerful weaponry and reinforced by loyal pals. However, defeating a Black Marketeer rewards players with a significant amount of gold.

Capturing Black Marketeers

For those inclined towards a more diplomatic approach, capturing Black Marketeers offers an alternative. Utilizing Ultra or Legendary pal spheres, players can tame these elusive vendors and integrate them into their base. Once captured, players can trade with Black Marketeers to acquire a diverse range of pals. If dissatisfied with the current trades, players can reset them by waiting for the next in-game day or selecting "Return to Title" from the menu for an instant reset.

In conclusion, Black Marketeers play a crucial role in the economy of Palworld, offering rare pals and lucrative trade opportunities. Whether through commerce or combat, interacting with these shadowy figures adds depth and excitement to the player's journey across Palpagos Island.

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