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Brawl Stars CyberBrawl Season: New Skins, Brawler, and More
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Brawl Stars CyberBrawl Season: New Skins, Brawler, and More

The Brawl Stars CyberBrawl Season is currently live and will conclude on July 4, 2024. This season is themed around cybernetic codes and aesthetics, introducing new skins and features that incorporate elements of computer-related themes. Known as Season 27 within the Brawl Stars community, CyberBrawl brings exciting additions aimed at enhancing the game's meta.

New Features in Brawl Stars CyberBrawl Season

New Skins

On the first day of the Brawl Stars CyberBrawl Season, three new skins were introduced, each transforming Brock's appearance into a hacker ready for battle. The new skins are:

  • Hacker Brock
  • Master Hacker Brock
  • RGB Hacker Brock

These skins are accessible through the Brawl Pass and Brawl Pass Plus, available in the in-game store. While the designs share similarities, each skin offers unique color combinations.

In addition to these, Brawl Stars has unveiled the Glitch Larry & Lawrie skin, which will be available through the Ranked Starr Drop feature during this season.

New Brawler: Draco

The latest Brawler, Draco, was previously introduced as part of the Brawl Stars Draco Value Pack and was only accessible to premium players. However, the CyberBrawl Season now allows F2P (free-to-play) players to acquire this Legendary rarity Brawler through Starr Road without spending money.

Draco is accompanied by a fiery Dragon companion that assists him in battle and allows him to traverse the battlefield. The Dragon's fiery breath deals significant damage to enemy Brawlers at close range.

To optimize Draco's performance, players need to select the right combination of Gadget, Star Power, and two Gears for the best Draco build in Brawl Stars.

New Ranked Season

The competitive nature of Brawl Stars attracts players to compete against each other in the Ranked Season. Each Ranked Season begins with all players in the bottom tier. To climb the ranks, players need to win consecutive matches and acquire Mastery Points within the game.

Each Ranked Season lasts for two months, offering substantial rewards for players who achieve higher tiers.

The Brawl Stars CyberBrawl Season is packed with exciting new features, including innovative skins and the new Brawler, Draco. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, this season offers plenty of opportunities to enhance your gaming experience. Dive into the CyberBrawl Season and take advantage of these fantastic additions before it concludes on July 4, 2024!

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