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Valorant VP (LATAM)

Valorant Points 25 USD

Valorant Points 25 USD

Valorant 2525 VP

-1% Diskaun

34,00 SGD

33,66 SGD
Valorant Points 35 USD

Valorant Points 35 USD

Valorant 3550 VP

-1% Diskaun

47,60 SGD

47,12 SGD
Valorant Points 50 USD

Valorant Points 50 USD

Valorant 5025 VP

-1% Diskaun

68,00 SGD

67,32 SGD
Valorant codes have region restrictions, and the codes can only be used on accounts registered in the same region.

Step into the Unique World of Tactical Shooting with Valorant!

Valorant is an exciting team-based shooter game developed by Riot Games, loved and played by millions of gamers worldwide. With its blend of team strategy, skill, and tactical gameplay, Valorant offers a competitive and enjoyable experience. Players utilize the abilities of in-game characters to achieve objectives while using Valorant Points (VP), a special in-game currency, to purchase new cosmetic items and characters.

The Significance and Advantages of Valorant VP

Valorant VP is a valuable in-game currency that players can purchase at an affordable price from Lotkeys.com. VP is used to acquire a variety of eye-catching content within the game, including cosmetic items, characters, and weapon skins. These cosmetic elements allow players to personalize their gaming experience and make their heroes stand out with a unique style.

Purchasing Valorant VP

Buying Valorant VP is the quickest and easiest method. Players can swiftly and reliably purchase VP through Lotkeys.com. VP comes in various package sizes, allowing players to choose the one that fits their budget and needs.

Items that can be Purchased with Valorant VP

Valorant VP offers a rich array of content, providing players with many options to make their personal style and in-game experiences truly unique. Examples of items that can be purchased with VP include:

New Characters: Valorant regularly introduces new heroes, and you can unlock these heroes using VP. Each character comes with unique abilities and gameplay styles, offering a distinct experience that contributes to your team.

Weapon Skins: Another popular item you can acquire with VP is weapon skins. By adorning your weapons with different patterns, colors, and thematic designs, you can achieve an eye-catching look within the game.

Skins and Accessories: VP enables players to purchase various costumes and accessories that help personalize their characters. If you're aiming to stand out with a different and stylish appearance in-game, you can use VP to customize your characters.

Valorant VP (Valorant Points) is a valuable in-game currency that forms the foundation of acquiring various cosmetic items and content, granting players the opportunity to personalize their gaming experience and make their characters stand out with a unique style. Events organized by Riot Games offer players additional participation and competitive opportunities. In the ever-evolving world of Valorant, VP provides players with an unforgettable experience.

How Can I Use the Valorant Points Card?

1. Log in to your Valorant account through the Riot Client. Click on the VP icon in the top right corner.

2. Click on the "Prepaid Cards & Codes" button.

3. Enter the code you purchased, then click the "SUBMIT" button. Your transaction will be completed.

Valorant VP (LATAM) Komen

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Membeli-belah Selamat

Membeli-belah Selamat

%100 Beli-belah Selamat oleh Sumber Rasmi

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Penghantaran Cepat

Penghantaran cepat 24 jam sehari.

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Sokongan Langsung

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Kepuasan pelanggan

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Valorant VP (LATAM)


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