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T3 Arena Package & PASS (Global)


T3 Arena: A Fast-Paced Shooter Game Where Unique Heroes Clash on the Battlefield

T3 Arena is an exciting 3v3 team-based shooter game that offers players a unique mobile gaming experience. Developed by XD Entertainment Pte Ltd and XD Inc., this game allows you to unlock different heroes and create strategies using their special abilities to take on enemies. Released on May 26, 2022, T3 Arena is available on both iOS and Android platforms, optimized to provide players with the highest quality shooter experience.

Team Play or Solo? The Choice is Yours!

T3 Arena offers players the option to team up with friends for cooperative battles or engage in thrilling solo fights. You can join forces with your friends and fight as a team or play with unique strategies in online game modes. Additionally, you can join clubs to make new friends and compete against other players by combining your strengths.

Unique Heroes, Different Playstyles

In T3 Arena, you can collect various heroes with diverse abilities and participate in battles with them. Choose tank-like heroes to protect your team or sharpshooters for effective long-range attacks to take down your enemies. Each hero in the game comes with special abilities and advantages, making the gameplay adaptable to various playstyles and ensuring continuous exploration without getting bored.

Exciting Battles with Various Game Modes

T3 Arena provides players with a variety of game modes for different experiences:

Team Deathmatch (3v3): Form your own team and defeat the opposing team to achieve victory. The team that eliminates the first 20 enemies wins.

Crystal Assault (3v3): Join forces with your team to attack and defend against crystal shattering. Enjoy the thrill of strategic warfare!

Control (3v3): Work together with your teammates to capture and hold a specific point on the map. The team that maintains 100% control wins the match.

Cargo Race (3v3): A breathtaking race where both teams must transport their loaded vehicles to the target. Secure victory through strategic moves.

Arena Brawl (Solo): A chaotic battlefield where six heroes battle it out. The hero who defeats the first 12 enemies wins the match.

Escort the Loaded Vehicle (3v3): An exciting mode where both teams escort the same loaded vehicle. Attackers must deliver the cargo to its destination on time, while defenders must stop them.

Clash (3v3): A BO5 game mode ideal for competitive and skilled players. Engage in battles without respawning and be mindful of your chosen hero!

T-Gems: The Key to Fame, Fortune, and Priceless Costumes

T-Gems are a valuable virtual currency and a significant element in T3 Arena. They allow players to gain fame, accumulate wealth, and purchase unique mythical costumes. Costumes help customize the appearance and abilities of heroes, setting you apart from other players.

How Can You Acquire T-Gems?

T-Gems can be earned by completing in-game tasks, achieving milestones, and defeating enemies. Alternatively, players can conveniently purchase T-Gems from Lotkeys.com. Lotkeys.com offers a secure and fast way for players to buy T-Gems, enabling them to progress faster in the game.

T3 Arena: Strategy, Action, and Thrilling Battles

T3 Arena offers a fast-paced shooter experience, bringing together unique heroes on the battlefield. By collecting your favorite heroes, forming powerful teams, creating strategies in various game modes, and communicating with your teammates in real-time, you can climb to the top of T3 Arena. Increase your fame and wealth by purchasing T-Gems from Lotkeys.com, customize your characters with priceless mythical costumes, and immerse yourself in action and excitement. Join T3 Arena now to experience the thrill firsthand!

How to Find Your T3 Arena User ID?

1. Click on the profile icon located in the top left corner.

2. Your T3 Arena User ID will be displayed on the screen.

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