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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Package & PASS (Türkiye)

Weekly Diamond Pack

Weekly Diamond Pack

-10.7% Diskaun

1,89 SGD

1,69 SGD
Twilight Pass

Twilight Pass

-9.5% Diskaun

9,25 SGD

8,37 SGD
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Discover the Epic MOBA Experience with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is an exciting MOBA game designed exclusively for smartphones and tablets. It allows you to join the 5v5 MOBA excitement against real human opponents, using various heroes, including Ark Ixia, the young marksman proficient in using special weapons to finish off his rivals. The game offers a thrilling battle experience that requires strategy, teamwork, and quick reflexes.

Epic MOBA Maps and 5v5 Battles

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, engage in real-time 5v5 battles against real opponents. The game features three lanes with each team's bases located at the end of the lanes. Your objective is to destroy the enemy's base to emerge victorious. The map includes four jungle areas, 18 defense turrets, and two legendary Wild Bosses. With these revamped classic MOBA maps, strategy and teamwork become crucial, providing you with an epic experience filled with action-packed battles.

Select Your Heroes and Build Your Team

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, create your own team by choosing heroes from different roles. Select heroes from Tank, Fighter, Mage, Marksman, Assassin, and Support roles to establish a balanced team. Each hero comes with unique abilities and weapons, allowing you to gain an advantage through strategic gameplay. Enjoy diversity with the ever-growing list of new heroes and abilities added to the game.

What Are Diamonds and How Do They Work?

Diamonds are the premium in-game currency used in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. They offer players various advantages, such as unlocking new heroes, costumes, and equipment, strengthening heroes, opening chests and rewards, and making in-game purchases.

Lotkeys.com is a leading gaming service platform where players can safely and easily purchase Diamonds for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The platform offers various Diamond packages with different prices and values. With a user-friendly interface and secure payment methods, buying Diamonds has never been easier. Fast delivery and a 24/7 support team ensure that players have instant access to the Diamonds they need whenever they need them.

Intuitive Controls and Quick Matches

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang provides players with intuitive and easy controls. The virtual joystick on the left and skill buttons on the right allow you to direct your heroes quickly and accurately. These simple controls are designed to maximize the excitement and competitiveness of the game.

The game also offers 10-second quick matches and intense 10-minute battles. These short matches are ideal for players who want a fast-paced MOBA experience anytime and anywhere. Showcase your minion farming, equipment purchasing, and strategic maneuvering skills in these quick-paced games!

Smart Offline AI Assistance

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang features smart offline AI assistance to handle disconnections. If your connection is lost, the game quickly reconnects you, allowing you to continue the battle where you left off. This ensures that you don't leave your team hanging during your offline time and maintains your chances of winning in the competitive environment.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang stands out as a successful game that brings the excitement and strategy of MOBA games to the mobile platform. By purchasing Diamonds from Lotkeys.com, you can enhance your in-game advantages and strengthen your favorite heroes to obtain the key to victory. Rise to the top of the mobile MOBA world with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, where you can develop yourself in a competitive environment and engage in epic battles!

How to Find Your Mobile Legends User ID?

1. Click on the profile icon located in the top left corner.

2. Your Mobile Legends User ID will be displayed on the screen.

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