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Marvel Snap Package & PASS (Global)

Season Pass Premium

Season Pass Premium

-19.6% Diskaun

13,60 SGD

10,93 SGD
Season Pass Premium +

Season Pass Premium +

-20% Diskaun

20,40 SGD

16,32 SGD
Welcome Bundle

Welcome Bundle

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4,08 SGD

3,26 SGD
Pro Bundle

Pro Bundle

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136,00 SGD

108,80 SGD
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Marvel Snap: Action-Packed Superhero Card Game

Marvel Snap is a beloved card game loved by millions of players worldwide, earning the title of Mobile Game of the Year with its innovative mechanics and fast-paced gameplay. This thrilling game, designed for mobile devices, brings together the most beloved superheroes and villains from the Marvel Universe. Players strive for victory by creating a unique deck of 12 cards and using clever strategies against their opponents.

3-Minute Quick Matches

No more waiting! Marvel Snap offers fast matches that allow players to make the most of their time. Each game lasts only about three minutes, allowing players to enjoy a dynamic and exhilarating gaming experience while focusing on other tasks.

Free Starter Deck and Unlimited Gameplay

Every player begins their journey with a free starter deck. With this deck, players can start exploring the game right away and later create their own deck as they progress. Players can enjoy unlimited gameplay without energy barriers or ads. They can further enrich their collections and unlock their favorite heroes by purchasing Gold from Lotkeys.com.

Cross-Platform Gaming Experience

Marvel Snap can be played on both mobile devices and desktop PCs. Players can enjoy the game anywhere, anytime. By syncing their accounts, their progress is saved across different platforms, ensuring that no progress is lost.

Snap Mechanic: Elevate Your Strategy

"SNAP" is the unique game mechanic of Marvel Snap. It allows players to increase their bet and apply pressure to their opponents. If you believe you have a winning hand, you can use the "SNAP" mechanic to double your rewards and increase your potential gains. Even if you're bluffing strategically, you still have the chance to double your rewards!

Extensive Collection and Character Variety

Marvel Snap offers players a wide variety of characters, featuring hundreds of heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe and beyond. Each card includes different art styles, ranging from classic comic book characters to Chibi, 8-bit, and Cartoon styles. Alongside your Iron Man card, you can collect unique versions in various art styles, creating a distinctive deck of your own.

Constantly Fresh and Exciting with Updates

Marvel Snap keeps players constantly excited with regular daily, weekly, and monthly updates. The game always stays fresh and innovative with new cards, locations, cosmetics, season passes, ranked seasons, challenges, and events. This ensures that players can enjoy the game with new content without long waiting periods.

Gold: The Key to Power in Marvel Snap

Gold is a significant in-game resource in Marvel Snap. By purchasing Gold from Lotkeys.com, players can gain many advantages within the game. They can use Gold to buy new cards, unlock their favorite heroes, and strengthen their collections. Moreover, it grants access to powerful heroes and cards, giving players an edge against their opponents. In the thrilling world of Marvel Snap, Gold is the key to your power.

Marvel Snap offers an unmissable experience for strategy game enthusiasts with its fast-paced matches, diverse character selection, and innovative mechanics. Download now and join epic battles with your heroes! Strengthen your collection by purchasing Gold from Lotkeys.com and dominate the most powerful heroes of the Marvel Universe!

How to Find Your Marvel Snap User ID?

1. Click on the settings button located in the top left corner.

2. Scroll down, and your User ID will be displayed on the screen.

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