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Legend Online Diamond Gift Card

165 Diamond

165 Diamond

150 + 15 Diamond

-13.3% Diskaun

0,61 SGD

0,53 SGD
330 Diamond

330 Diamond

300 + 30 Diamond

-12.2% Diskaun

1,22 SGD

1,07 SGD
660 Diamond

660 Diamond

600 + 60 Diamond

-11.7% Diskaun

2,45 SGD

2,16 SGD
1650 Diamond

1650 Diamond

1500 + 150 Diamond

-11.7% Diskaun

6,05 SGD

5,34 SGD
3300 Diamond

3300 Diamond

3000 + 300 Diamond

-10.6% Diskaun

12,10 SGD

10,83 SGD
8250 Diamond

8250 Diamond

7500 + 750 Diamond

-10.7% Diskaun

30,22 SGD

26,98 SGD
This product is not valid for Legend Online Reborn.

Legend Online - The Power of Diamonds Makes You Invincible

Fantasy worlds, epic battles, and captivating stories... All of these elements create an indispensable experience for online game enthusiasts. Legend Online brings these elements together to offer millions of players a unique MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) experience.

Legend Online invites the player into a medieval world where you must build your own kingdom, create powerful armies, and wage war against enemy kingdoms. The game deepens not only with warfare strategies but also with diplomacy and alliances. To strengthen your kingdom, expand your borders, and become the most powerful ruler, you must devise your own strategies and collaborate with other players.

Legend Online is an epic MMORPG game set in a magical world where millions of players live out heroic stories, with battles and strategies taking center stage. Players build their kingdoms, form armies, and fight for victory against their enemies while encountering various items and resources. Among these resources, the most valuable is undoubtedly Legend Online Diamonds.

What Is Legend Online Diamonds?

Legend Online Diamonds are the premium in-game currency of the game. This valuable gem allows players to obtain many in-game advantages and can be used for various purposes. You need Diamonds to strengthen your character, purchase special items, and accelerate processes. Especially in advanced levels, Diamonds play a critical role in gaining an advantage over your competitors and enjoying the game to the fullest.

How Can I Purchase Legend Online Diamonds?

Purchasing Legend Online Diamonds is one of the fastest ways to fully enjoy the game. However, one of the biggest problems players face when they are not purchased from a trustworthy source is a lack of trust. This is where Lotkeys.com comes into play!

Lotkeys.com is a reliable and fast platform that has been serving the gaming industry for years. Players looking to buy Legend Online Diamonds can easily and securely make transactions through Lotkeys.com. With a wide range of payment options, a fast delivery guarantee, and customer service, Lotkeys is the greatest ally of Legend Online players.

To succeed in Legend Online and have a unique gaming experience, Diamonds play a critical role. To safely and quickly purchase this valuable resource, Lotkeys.com is the best option. In this epic adventure where victories and surprises await you in the gaming world, Lotkeys is always by your side!

How Can I Use My Legend Online Diamond Gift Card?

1. Click on the payment icon in the top right corner.

2. Choose the "Epin" option, then click on the "OASIS EPIN" button. Select the amount you want to purchase and click on the "Buy" button.

3. Enter the code you purchased and click the "Submit" button.

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