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Langirisser Trinity Crystals (SEA)

31 Trinity Crystals

31 Trinity Crystals

30 + 1 Trinity Crystals

-16% Diskaun

1,36 SGD

1,14 SGD
169 Trinity Crystals

169 Trinity Crystals

168 + 1 Trinity Crystals

-16% Diskaun

6,80 SGD

5,71 SGD
343 Trinity Crystals

343 Trinity Crystals

342 + 1 Trinity Crystals

-16% Diskaun

13,60 SGD

11,42 SGD
693 Trinity Crystals

693 Trinity Crystals

962 + 1 Trinity Crystals

-16% Diskaun

27,20 SGD

22,85 SGD
3607 Trinity Crystals

3607 Trinity Crystals

3600 + 7 Trinity Crystals

-16% Diskaun

136,00 SGD

114,24 SGD
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Step into the Epic Crossover and Legendary Battles of Langrisser World!

Langrisser is a mobile game that invites you to the magical world of the El Sallia continent to test your strategic intellect and tactical mastery. It offers a story rich with characters that draws you into different adventures every time you play.

Legendary Crossover Events and Enticing Rewards

Langrisser stands out with its regularly organized legendary crossover events. The Langrisser x Shining Resonance Epic Crossover event brings beloved characters from the Shining Resonance series into the Langrisser universe, allowing players to meet new heroes. This special event enables SSR heroes like Kirika, Sonia, and Excella to join the Langrisser battles. By participating in legendary battles and completing special missions, you can add these characters to your collection and discover their exciting abilities.

Limited-Time Costumes and Character Appearances

In-game events also offer opportunities for limited-time costume and character appearance rewards. The Echo of Light event provides unique appearances for Kirika and Sonia. Dressing your heroes in these exclusive costumes allows you to customize and personalize them, adding your own unique style to the Langrisser world.

Strategic Battles and Strengthening Your Heroes

Langrisser operates on a foundation of strategy and tactics, utilizing a classic turn-based battle system. As you adjust your strategy to gain an advantage over enemy units and utilize terrain advantages, you'll also need to strengthen your heroes. In this world where each hero possesses unique abilities, you must make careful choices when adjusting your battle tactics.

Character Class Upgrades and Tactical Variety

While developing your in-game characters, you can upgrade them to different classes. Each hero has their own unique upgrade tree, and you have the option to change classes based on the situation. This allows you to customize and adapt your strategies for every battle. Develop your characters to their fullest potential by using the right tactics to gain an advantage over your enemies.

Rich and Impressive Art Style

Langrisser is adorned with beautiful and captivating anime-style art and animations. Detailed designs and vibrant colors that reflect each character's distinct personality create a captivating world that draws you into the game.

How Can I Purchase Trinity Crystals in Langrisser?

Trinity Crystals play a significant role in the game, serving as a valuable resource to enhance your heroes, upgrade your equipment, and earn rewards during events. Lotkeys.com offers a reliable platform that allows players to quickly and easily purchase Trinity Crystals. By boosting your heroes' power and facing the challenges of the Langrisser world, you can stand out and excel.

Guild Wars and Social Interaction

Langrisser offers players the opportunity to come together and form powerful alliances. Guild wars require you to collaborate with players from all over the world. Join forces to capture enemy castles and earn rewards. Prove your guild's strength in the El Sallia continent and savor the taste of victory!

Japanese Voice Cast and Unforgettable Music

Langrisser provides players with a rich cast of Japanese voice acting legends, adding an emotional dimension to character portrayal and enabling a deeper connection to the game. Additionally, the original compositions by Noriyuki Iwadare enhance the game's atmosphere and emotional aspect.

Classic Scenarios and Legendary Characters

Langrisser takes fans of the series on a nostalgic journey, offering over 300 classic scenarios inspired by various games spanning five generations. Legendary characters such as Elwin, Leon, Cherie, Bernhardt, Ledin, and Dieharte come together in these epic battles. Participate in a story that shapes the fate of the El Sallia continent by bringing together heroes from the past and future.

Langrisser offers a magical experience that combines epic battles, tactical depth, and unforgettable characters. Trinity Crystals are a crucial resource that you can use to strengthen your heroes and complete challenging tasks. Lotkeys.com ensures a secure purchase of Trinity Crystals, enhancing your in-game experience. Join guild wars with your friends, collect memorable characters, and be ready to shape the destiny of the El Sallia continent!

How to Find Your Langrisser Character ID?

1. Click on the profile icon in the top left corner.

2. Your Langrisser Character ID will be displayed on the screen.

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