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Extraordinary Ones Package & PASS (Global)

Unlimited Card

Unlimited Card

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20,40 SGD

18,97 SGD
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Monthly Card

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Extraordinary Ones: A Unique Manga-Style 5v5 Battle Experience!

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure with NetEase's creative and captivating game, Extraordinary Ones! In this unique manga-style 5v5 battle game, you'll engage in battles with superpowers in a world filled with legendary gods and mythological creatures in Esper City. Using the Synchron Training System, awaken the power of the red spider lilies and embark on a journey filled with a first-person narrative experience.

Unique Features and Enjoyable Experiences

Extraordinary Ones offers not only an ordinary battle game but also a unique experience filled with distinctive features. The academy-style battlegrounds are full of unexpected mechanisms and ability effects. Character transformations, extraordinary abilities, and humorous dialogues will keep you laughing from start to finish. Establish a stronger bond with your favorite heroes by building Rapport and discover their special abilities.

Gems: Precious Stones that Radiate Power

Gems, the most valuable assets in the game, provide you with numerous in-game advantages. These shimmering stones are used for costumes, hero enhancements, and other rewards. You can use Gems to strengthen your heroes' abilities, accelerate your in-game progress, and stand out in competition.

How Can I Purchase Gems in Extraordinary Ones?

Obtaining Gems is now easier than ever! Lotkeys.com offers a reliable and swift way to purchase Gems for the Extraordinary Ones game. By acquiring Gems through this platform, you can further enhance your in-game experience. With the benefits provided by Lotkeys.com, you can earn even more rewards within the game.

Step into a World Full of Fun and Adventure!

Extraordinary Ones awaits game enthusiasts with its unique manga style, rich features, and immersive storyline. Awaken your powerful heroes through the Synchron Training System and take part in epic battles in Esper City. Enrich your in-game experience using Gems and seize the opportunity to earn more rewards by purchasing Gems through Lotkeys.com.

Extraordinary Ones is a captivating 5v5 battle game that enchants gaming enthusiasts with its extraordinary experiences and entertaining atmosphere. The topics of original characters, abilities, Gems usage, and purchasing Gems from Lotkeys.com have been clearly explained. Are you ready to fight in an adventure-filled world and empower your heroes? Join Extraordinary Ones now and step into an unforgettable game!

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