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Super Sus Goldstar (Global)

100 Goldstar

100 Goldstar

-43.4% Скидка

90,19 RUB

51,02 RUB
300 Goldstar

300 Goldstar

-44% Скидка

273,30 RUB

153,05 RUB
520 Goldstar

520 Goldstar

-43% Скидка

455,50 RUB

259,64 RUB
1060 Goldstar

1060 Goldstar

-42.8% Скидка

911,00 RUB

521,09 RUB
2180 Goldstar

2180 Goldstar

-40.8% Скидка

1.822,00 RUB

1.078,62 RUB
5600 Goldstar

5600 Goldstar

-39% Скидка

4.555,00 RUB

2.776,73 RUB
Информация о заказе

Super Sus - A Brand New Role-Playing Experience!

Discover an innovative game that combines excitement and strategy - Super Sus! This game blends the unique elements of Among Us, Werewolf, and Squid Game to offer an unforgettable online role-playing experience. Whether you take on the role of the spaceship crew or the mysterious impostors, complete thrilling missions and enjoy the game with your teammates. Join this extraordinary adventure by purchasing Goldstar from Lotkeys.com and become the winning side!

What is Super Sus Goldstar and What Does it Do?

Goldstar is a significant component of the Super Sus game, and you can use it to enhance your advantages in the game. This special item, easily purchasable from Lotkeys.com, provides you with extra gains and strategic advantages within the game. Goldstar offers you unique abilities and tasks in the game, allowing you to strengthen your team for victory.

Exciting Game Mechanics Redefining the Game

Super Sus features innovative game mechanics that push the boundaries of traditional role-playing games. In each game, you take on a random role, immersing yourself in the shoes of different characters. As part of the spaceship crew, you collaborate with your team to complete thrilling missions. However, be careful, as there will also be impostors and neutrals among you. To win, you must protect your friends and expose the traitors, saving the ship from dangers.

Thrilling 3D Maps and Challenging Missions

Super Sus offers you the chance to dive into 3D worlds. Create strategies to complete your tasks in different themed maps. Each map presents various obstacles that require solving codes in rooms and supporting your teammates. While completing these challenging missions, don't forget to use Goldstar, which will increase your chances of winning!

Matchmaking and Voice Chat with Friends Worldwide

Super Sus allows you to match with players from around the world for an exhilarating experience. With real-time voice chat, you can share tactics and devise strategies with your teammates. Make friends with players from your region or from all corners of the globe and multiply your gaming enjoyment.

Unleash Your Creativity with Workshop Support

Super Sus grants players the freedom to design their own maps and roles. With workshop support, you can share your ideas and shape the future of the game. Let your creativity shine and create content that makes the game experience even more engaging.

Elevate Your Super Sus Experience with Goldstar

Super Sus provides an unforgettable experience for anyone who loves excitement and strategy. By purchasing Goldstar from Lotkeys.com, you can increase your in-game advantages and gain an edge over your opponents. Form teams with your friends in thrilling 3D maps, refine your tactics, and compete to be the winning side. Super Sus is a game that role-playing enthusiasts won't be able to resist!

How to Find Your Super Sus User ID?

1. Click on the settings button located in the top right corner.

2. Your User ID will be displayed on the screen.

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