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Rage Mage Diamonds (Global)

60 Diamonds

60 Diamonds

-6.1% Discount

57,91 PHP

54,40 PHP
300 Diamonds

300 Diamonds

-7% Discount

292,45 PHP

271,98 PHP
900 Diamonds

900 Diamonds

-7% Discount

877,35 PHP

815,94 PHP
1800 Diamonds

1800 Diamonds

-7% Discount

1.754,70 PHP

1.631,87 PHP
3000 Diamonds

3000 Diamonds

-7% Discount

2.924,50 PHP

2.719,79 PHP
6000 Diamonds

6000 Diamonds

-8% Discount

5.849,00 PHP

5.381,08 PHP
Order Information

Rage Mage: Epic Adventure on the Magical Island!

Rage Mage, blending exciting role-playing, action, and indie game genres, invites you to a magical island. Presented by the indie game developer indie-dir, this unique experience is playable on Android and Microsoft Windows platforms. In collaboration with MODO PTE. LTD. and indie-dir publishers, this game doesn't offer you the chance to hide as an ordinary person anymore. Now that you've stepped onto the magical island, fate has chosen you, and you'll be determined to fulfill your mission. Yes, the doors of magic are opening to you. Will you be able to conquer this crisis-ridden magical world by unraveling the secrets of card magic and formations, deciphering how mysterious equipment is forged, and harnessing the magic of runes and sacred weapons? This time, we'll forge ahead with madness!

Easy Gameplay and Simple Card Draw

No need for complex game strategies, just tap to draw mysterious cards and acquire fantastic equipment; upgrade cards and increase your equipment acquisition rate. Collect special equipment, create your own attributes, and conquer the world of magic at your fingertips.

Stellar Map and Free Matching

Collect the power of stars to create your own battle style. Combine stars and stellar maps to provide extra bonuses that will help you navigate the dangerous world of magic!

Mystic Altar and Rune Bonuses

Gather plenty of resources to upgrade your mystical altar, collect runestones with different attributes, and enjoy the bonuses of rune spirits! Even the elemental spirits of clan levels are waiting to be unlocked!

Ranking Battles and Magical Duels

Who is the true king of magic? And who is the true master of strategy? Come and participate in a duel fairly! Fair matching, magical duels, climb the magical path of victory, and earn more magical resources!

Stage Challenges and Strategy Building

By facing elite bosses with different attributes, can you find the best strategy against the enemy and surpass levels to access better resources? Complete the main levels and unlock the elite level. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

New Features and Improvements

Friend Duel System: A system that can be unlocked by wizards who have reached level 30. Wizards can initiate duels among friends. Come compete with each other!

Battle Acceleration Function: Battle acceleration is now supported in various scenarios. Wizards can adjust the acceleration level in the battle interface.

New Main Line and Endless Well Levels: The levels of the main line have been expanded to 50 sections, and the levels of Fate and the Endless Well have been expanded to 30 stages. Wizards can challenge higher peaks.

New Chat Emojis: New options have been added to the in-game emoji packs. Wizards can use these to convey emotions more accurately in the chat interface.

Expansion of the Alchemy Field: Wizards who have reached level 102 can spend a certain amount of diamonds to unlock additional slots in the alchemy field.

How Can I Purchase Diamonds in Rage Mage?

Diamonds play an important role in the Rage Mage world. By purchasing Diamonds through Lotkeys.com, you can progress quickly in the game. Diamonds can be used to upgrade your equipment, acquire special items, and obtain more resources. Increase your power on the magical island and seize victory by purchasing Diamonds from Lotkeys.com!

Rage Mage awaits you with its easy gameplay, rich features, and exciting adventure. Step into the magical island, uncover the secrets of card magic, obtain the power of stars, and formulate your strategy to defeat enemies. Strengthen yourself even more by purchasing Diamonds through Lotkeys.com and become the master of the magical world! Remember, a grand adventure awaits you in the world of Rage Mage!

How to Find Your Rage Mage User ID?

1. Click on the profile icon in the top left corner.

2. Your Rage Mage User ID will be displayed on the screen.

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