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Kumu Live Coins (Global)

2310 Coins

2310 Coins

2,000 Coins + 310 Bonus

-8% Discount

115,84 PHP

106,52 PHP
11660 Coins

11660 Coins

10,000 Coins + 1660 Bonus

-8.5% Discount

582,10 PHP

532,62 PHP
23650 Coins

23650 Coins

20,000 Coins + 3650 Bonus

-8.5% Discount

1.164,20 PHP

1.065,24 PHP
69300 Coins

69300 Coins

60,000 Coins + 9,300 Bonus

-8.5% Discount

3.492,60 PHP

3.195,73 PHP
121000 Coins

121000 Coins

100,000 Coins + 21,000 Bonus

-10% Discount

5.821,00 PHP

5.238,90 PHP
Order Information

Kumu Live: Entertainment and Friendship World Awaits You!

Discover an incredible world of entertainment and friendship with Kumu Live! This live streaming platform, made in the Philippines, allows you to make new friends from all around the world, connect with like-minded individuals based on your interests, and engage in enjoyable conversations. With its rich set of features, Kumu Live appeals to both those seeking fun and those considering content creation.

Why Kumu Live?

Live Streams and Chats: With Kumu Live, you can host live streams on your own or collaborate with other users. If you're shy, you can comfortably engage in voice chats. Meet and chat with content creators from the Philippines and around the globe, and have a great time.

Sending Virtual Gifts: You can send virtual gifts to support your favorite content creators. These gifts can be converted into virtual currency that content creators can turn into real earnings.

Kumu Live World: Kumu Live offers a place for everyone, catering to all interests and passions. You can join Kumunity teams that match your interests or participate in general groups where you can meet fellow Kumunizens who share the same hobbies.

Content Creation and Rewards: Kumu Live presents unique opportunities for content creators. You can earn cash by creating live stream content, increase your social media followers, and seize the chance to gain fame through branded collaborations and campaigns.

Create Your Own Content!

Kumu Live unleashes your creativity. As a live stream content creator, you can gain unique opportunities, earn money, grow your social media followers, and even become a star through branded partnerships and campaigns.

What are Kumu Live Coins and How to Use Them?

To access special content and advantages on Kumu Live, you can use virtual currency called "Coins." You can easily purchase Coins from Lotkeys.com. These Coins can be used to support your favorite content creators, access exclusive content, or participate in events.

Easily Purchase Kumu Live Coins with Lotkeys.com

You'll need Coins to enhance your experience within the Kumu Live app. You can obtain these special virtual units from Lotkeys.com. Coins serve as units you can use to support your favorite streamers and take advantage of in-app benefits. Lotkeys.com facilitates the acquisition of Coins with its reliable and swift service.

More Fun with New Features!

With the introduction of the "Feed" section in the latest update, you can follow your favorite content creators' Klips (short video clips) and popular posts. This way, you can stay informed about your favorite content even when you're not watching live streams. Dive into a world full of entertainment, friendship, and creativity with Kumu Live! Join the exciting realm of Kumu Live by purchasing Coins from Lotkeys.com, and don't miss out on supporting your favorite content creators, engaging with others, and creating unforgettable moments!

How to Find Your Kumu Live Username?

1. Click on the profile icon in the top left corner.

2. Click on the three dots, then click on the Edit Profile button.

3. Your Kumu Live Username will be displayed on the screen.

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