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Discord Nitro (Global)

Discord Nitro 1 Month Subscription

Discord Nitro 1 Month Subscription

Only usuable Discord accounts.

-10% Discount

581,52 PHP

523,31 PHP
Discord Nitro 1 Year Subscription

Discord Nitro 1 Year Subscription

Only usuable Discord accounts.

-10% Discount

5.820,42 PHP

5.238,32 PHP

Discord Nitro: Premium Experience of the Chat Platform

Discord Nitro is the premium membership service of Discord, the favorite platform for online communities' communication. Discord is a chat and voice communication application popular among gamers, but it is also widely used by various user groups, ranging from communities to friend groups. Discord Nitro aims to enhance the Discord experience by offering users additional features, advanced services, and exclusive advantages.

Discord Nitro Features

Emojis and Stickers: Discord Nitro provides users with a wider collection of emojis and stickers. This allows you to create more fun and unique expressions in your chats, servers, and messages. You can also create custom emojis for your own server and share them with your friends.

Improved Audio and Video Quality: Discord Nitro members can enjoy higher audio and video quality. This is especially beneficial when sharing gaming sessions or participating in online events with friends, as it provides a clearer audio experience.

Instant Background Removal: One difference between Nitro Classic and Nitro is that users have the ability to instantly remove the background during video calls. This feature makes your video chats more professional and enjoyable.

Growing Profile Page: Discord Nitro members can personalize their profile pages and gain more expressive freedom. You can create your own Nitro profile page, leading to a more interactive experience with other users.

Large File Uploads: Nitro members can upload files of up to 500 MB on Discord, making it easy to share media files and quickly exchange content with other members.

Custom Badges and Emblems: Nitro members stand out among other users by adding custom badges and emblems to their profiles. This can enhance your reputation and recognition within the community.

Nitro Server Benefits: Discord Nitro members have the ability to create and manage their own servers, offering more customization options such as private server categories, custom links, and additional emoji slots. Nitro server benefits make server management easier and more enjoyable.

Nitro Games: Nitro Classic and Nitro subscriptions provide access to the Nitro Games library, where selected games can be played for free. This adds an extra appeal for gamers and allows you to expand your game collection with new titles.

Discord Nitro significantly enhances the experience of any Discord user. The benefits like emoji and sticker collection, improved audio and video quality, custom badges and emblems, make the chat and interaction experience more enjoyable and personalized. Moreover, Nitro Server benefits and Nitro Games allow you to stand out in your Discord community and experience more content and gaming opportunities. If you want to take your Discord experience to the next level, Discord Nitro can provide you with all these features and benefits, offering a unique user experience.

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How Can I Redeem My Discord Nitro Code?

1. Click on the "User Settings" button located next to your profile icon in the bottom-left corner.

2. Click on the "Gift Inventory" button, then enter the purchased code and click "Redeem".

3. Review the product and click the "I Accept" button.

Discord Nitro (Global) Comments

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