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The games coming to Xbox Game Pass in March have been announced!
Gaming News

The games coming to Xbox Game Pass in March have been announced!

March is shaping up to be an exciting month for Xbox Game Pass members, with a diverse selection of games set to join the lineup. One of the most anticipated titles this month is Blizzard's critically acclaimed action RPG, Diablo IV. This epic adventure, set in a vast and immersive world, will be available on Game Pass starting March 28, inviting fans to embark on an unforgettable journey.

Here's the full list of games coming to the Xbox Game Pass library in March:

Diverse Selection of Games

Car enthusiasts have plenty to look forward to as well, with three different racing games joining Game Pass this month. While F1 23 offers a realistic simulation of Formula 1 racing, Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 delivers a fun arcade racing experience. Additionally, Open Roads, which takes players on an emotional journey depicting the story of a mother and daughter, is another standout title this month, offering deep reflection and emotional moments.

Various genres are represented with games like Lightyear Frontier, MLB The Show 24, The Quarry, and Evil West, ensuring members have a wide range of enjoyable experiences. Furthermore, intriguing titles like Terra Invicta and Superhot: Mind Control Delete will enrich the gaming experiences for players.

However, it's important to note that some games will also be leaving Game Pass. So, if there are specific games you want to play, be sure not to miss out on them.

New Additions to Xbox Game Pass in March:

  1. Lightyear Frontier (Game Preview) (Cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X|S) – Available Now

  2. MLB The Show 24 (Cloud and Console) – Available Now

  3. The Quarry (Cloud and Console) – March 20

  4. Evil West (Cloud, Console, and PC) – March 21

  5. Terra Invicta (Game Preview) (PC) – March 26

  6. Diablo IV (Console and PC) – March 28

  7. Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 – Turbocharged (Cloud, Console, and PC) – March 28

  8. Open Roads (Cloud, Console, and PC) – March 28

  9. Ark: Survival Ascended (Cloud, PC, Xbox Series X|S) – April 1

  10. F1 23 (Cloud) EA Play – April 2

  11. Superhot: Mind Control Delete (Cloud, Console, and PC) – April 2

Games Leaving Game Pass in March:

  1. Hot Wheels Unleashed (Cloud, Console, and PC) – March 31

  2. Infinite Guitars (Cloud, Console, and PC) – March 31

  3. MLB The Show 23 (Cloud and Console) – March 31

With such a diverse lineup of games, there's something for everyone to enjoy on Xbox Game Pass this March!

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