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Metro Exodus Guide: Strategies to Keep Your Companions Alive and Achieve a Happy Ending
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Metro Exodus Guide: Strategies to Keep Your Companions Alive and Achieve a Happy Ending

What is Metro Exodus?

"Metro Exodus" is a first-person shooter video game developed by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver. The game is based on Dmitry Glukhovsky's "Metro" novel series and takes place in post-apocalyptic Russia. Players control the main character, Artyom, embarking on a challenging journey. The game can be completed with various endings, and in this guide, we will detail what needs to be done to achieve the happy ending.

Keeping Your Team Members Alive

Keeping Duke Alive

Duke is a team member you encounter in the Volga region, and to keep him alive, pay attention to the following:

Peaceful Approach

To keep Duke alive in the Volga region, it is crucial to adopt a peaceful approach. Instead of killing the bandits you encounter in this area, incapacitate them by knocking them out or silently bypassing them. There are also innocent civilians in the Volga region, so be careful not to harm them. Be compassionate and helpful in your interactions with people.

Knockout: To knock out bandits, approach them silently from behind and incapacitate them.

Silent Progress: Move carefully without making noise and use stealth elements. Prefer silent weapons or melee techniques instead of loud firearms.

Bridge Attack

During the bridge attack, it is important to silently neutralize enemies to keep Duke alive. Avoid confrontations and move stealthily. Progress by using silent weapons or silently taking down enemies.

Stealth: Avoid the enemies' line of sight and move silently during the bridge attack.

Strategic Positions: Use strategic positions to distract enemies and advance stealthily.

Keeping Damir Alive

Damir joins your team in the Caspian region, and to keep him alive:

Helping Slaves

In the Caspian region, it is necessary to help the slaves and villagers to keep Damir alive. Rescuing the slaves and local people in the area helps you gain their trust. Interacting with and saving important characters like Giul will boost Damir's morale.

Giul and the Slaves: Gain the trust of Giul and other slaves by rescuing them. This also helps gain the trust of other people in the region.

Helping Tasks: Assist characters who need help. This increases the trust of people in the region and contributes to Damir's survival.

Gaining the Trust of the People

Gaining the trust of the region's people will ensure Damir stays with you. Be honest and helpful to them, meet their needs, and protect them. This increases Damir's loyalty to you and helps keep him alive.

Helpful Attitude: Be sensitive to the needs of the people and assist them.

Protection: Protect the region's people from enemies and ensure their safety.

Keeping Alyosha Alive

Alyosha plays an important role in the Taiga region, and to keep him from getting injured:

Silent and Stealthy Movement

In the Taiga region, it is important to take a silent and peaceful approach to keep Alyosha alive. Avoid killing bandits and move stealthily. In this region, staying quiet and incapacitating enemies by knocking them out is crucial.

Stealth: Move quietly to avoid drawing attention from enemies. Use silent weapons or incapacitate enemies by knocking them out.

Peaceful Approach: Use knockout techniques to neutralize enemies instead of killing them.


To keep Alyosha from getting injured, only knock out or bypass enemies when necessary. Use silent weapons or distract enemies to progress. Avoid unnecessary confrontations to keep Alyosha safe.

Distracting Enemies: Use environmental elements to distract enemies. Draw attention by making noise or using strategic moves to divert enemies.

Silent Weapons: Use silent weapons to incapacitate enemies and avoid drawing attention.

General Strategies and Tips

Peaceful Methods

Avoid killing human enemies throughout the game. Incapacitating them by knocking them out or silently bypassing them eases Artyom's conscience and increases your chances of reaching the happy ending.

Side Quests and Interactions

Don't neglect the side quests and interactions with characters in the game. These quests help you better understand the main story and the background of the characters, supporting the survival of your team members.

Positive Behaviors

Be positive and helpful towards your team members and other characters. Try to earn their trust and support them in difficult situations.

Exploration and Assistance

Support your team and other characters by exploring and providing assistance. This increases your team members' trust in you and helps achieve better results at the end of the game.

Key Considerations for the Happy Ending

Making Positive Decisions

Throughout the game, be positive and helpful towards the characters you encounter. Help people in need and avoid harming non-hostile characters.

Moving Silently and Stealthily

Move as quietly and stealthily as possible throughout the game. This helps you avoid unnecessary confrontations with enemies and achieve a better score at the end of the game.

Additional Tips

Using Weapons and Equipment

Use your weapons and equipment silently and effectively. Focus on using silent weapons by modifying your weapons.

Health and Resource Management

Use health packs and resources carefully. These resources are vital in difficult situations.


To achieve the happy ending in "Metro Exodus," it is necessary to adopt a careful and strategic approach. Ensuring the survival of your team members, making positive decisions, and moving silently play important roles in this process. By following the tips above, you can ensure Artyom and his team reach the happy ending. Happy gaming!

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