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Brawl Stars Ragnarok Season Skins: All Cosmetics & How To Unlock
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Brawl Stars Ragnarok Season Skins: All Cosmetics & How To Unlock

Introduction to Ragnarok Season

Following the fantastical 'Sands of Time' season, players can expect an electrifying season to take place in Brawl Stars during April 2024. Known simply as 'Ragnarok', this season will usher in various new additions to the game.

The Allure of Ragnarok Skins

Of these many novel additions, one stands in particular – the skins. The Ragnarok skins all take inspiration from the timeless Norse mythology and will transform many brawlers into God-like beings.

Unlocking the Skins

We know these are ones you will be itching to get your hands on. So, we have compiled everything you need to know about the season's skins in Brawl Stars.

All Ragnarok Skins In Brawl Stars

Six Ragnarok new skins will be released to Brawl Stars during the April 2024 season. The brawlers receiving these cosmetics are Buzz, Chester, Cordelius, Melodie, Jessie, and Bibi.

Fenrir Buzz

Based on the monstrous wolf, the Epic-rarity Fenrir Buzz skin will see Buzz abandon his lifeguard duties to spread chaos throughout Starr Park.

You can unlock the Fenrir Buzz skin from the Ragnarok (April 2024) Brawl Pass. It is available in two color variations: Eldr Fenrir Buzz and Skugga Fenrir Buzz.

Loki Chester

With Loki being famously known as the God of Mischief in Norse mythology, it only seemed fitting that Loki Chester became a skin. This cosmetic is of Epic rarity.

Odin Cordelius

Cordelius turns into the one-eyed all-father in his new Epic-rarity Odin Cordelius skin.

Sif Melodie

Inspired by the Goddess Sif, Melodie will receive her first-ever Brawl Stars skin in the form of the Rare-rarity Sif Melodie.

You will be able to purchase it from the in-game shop for 29 Gems.

Skadi Jessie

The Mythic-rarity Skadi Jessie skin reimagines the usually tech-savvy Jessie into a brawler who has mastered the art of hunting.

Thor Bibi

Bibi transforms into the Goddess of Thunder in her thunderous Legendary-rarity Thor Bibi skin that will surely leave her enemies zapped.

When you purchase this skin, you will also receive special pins, profile pictures, sprays, a special takedown effect, and a custom voice.


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