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Metin2's Enchanted Forest, Jotun Thyrm and Bagjanamu Guide
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Metin2's Enchanted Forest, Jotun Thyrm and Bagjanamu Guide

Complete Information about Metin2's Enchanted Forest, Jotun Thyrm, and Bagjanamu


Metin2 Enchanted Forest

One of the most mystical corners of Metin2's enigmatic world is the Enchanted Forest. To reach this extraordinary location, one must pass through the Guatama Cliff, Ochao Temple, Dragon Fire Cape, and Lightning Mountains. In the forest, which you can enter with a level 95 requirement, your gain is to level up and defeat the bosses Jotun Thyrm and Bagjanamu. After defeating the Tai Guard, you can access the forest using the portal.

The forest, with its dark green trees and sparkling plants, resembles a fairy tale world. However, it harbors dangers as much as its beauty. While discovering hidden treasures, you also have the chance to fight the creatures of the forest. The Enchanted Forest promises an unforgettable adventure for Metin2 players.


Metin2 Jotun Thyrm

In Metin2, Jotun Thyrm is a powerful entity known as the ruler of cold climates. This massive creature challenges players with its freezing powers. Defeating him requires teamwork and strategy. Battling Jotun Thyrm is one of the most challenging moments of the game, especially for those who play in teams.


Metin2 Bagjanamu

Bagjanamu is a dangerous monster representing the dark forces of Metin2. When fighting this creature, which has a high damage potential, features like Power of Ice, Ice Resistance, and Power Against Demons provide significant advantages. Encountering Bagjanamu tests the player's strategic thinking and teamwork.


What's in Metin2 Bagjanamu's Chest?

In the mysterious world of Metin2, among the rewards offered to players after the challenging battle with Bagjanamu, there is Bagjanamu's Chest. This valuable chest contains many rare and precious items. Some significant items that can be obtained from Bagjanamu's Chest are:

Blue Dye


Zen Beans

Titanium Dioxide

Heavy Belts

Dragon Flame (B)

Fruit of the Gods

Essence of the Gods

White Dye

Cloak of Courage

These items can enrich players' in-game experiences and offer different advantages.

What's in Metin2 Jotun Thyrm's Chest?

In Metin2's fantastic world, one of the rare rewards offered to players who defeat Jotun Thyrm is Jotun Thyrm's Chest. This special chest contains various valuable and rare items that can enrich players' experiences in the game. Some noteworthy items you can obtain from Jotun Thyrm's Chest are:

Moon Stone

Titanium Dioxide

Blue Dye

White Dye

Heavy Belts

Blessing Scroll

White Pearl

Blessing Sphere

Devil's Horn Armor

Dragon Cavalry Outfit

Bone Plate Armor

Gold Outfit

Commander-in-Chief Armor

Yang (in amounts of 250,000 and 400,000)

Deep Red Pears

Kitan's Retaliation Box

Power-Up Book Box

Passion Shoes (+3 and +4)

Swift Shoes (+3 and +4)

Milk Sherbet

Brave Pet Book

Spirit Stone+

Gold Metallic Dye

Young Pet Book

Enhancement Lesson Book

Retaliation Lesson Book

Black Dye

These valuable items provide various contributions to the player's adventure, giving them strategic advantages and making their in-game experiences even more enjoyable.


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