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New Games for XBOX Game Pass Have Been Announced
Gaming News

New Games for XBOX Game Pass Have Been Announced

What to Expect in Xbox Game Pass in September? Here are the Details!

September is an exciting month for Xbox Game Pass users. Microsoft has announced the new games to be added to its platform this month. Among these games are some titles that have been long awaited. So, what awaits us this month? Here are the details!

Lies of P (Console and PC) - September 19

We can't wait to talk about Lies of P. Based on the classic Pinocchio story, this game interprets the tale in a completely new way, offering a dark atmosphere and a compelling storyline. Merging gothic and steampunk styles, players will encounter intriguing secrets and challenges in this game.

Party Animals (Console) - September 20

Party Animals, which features adorable animals as characters, is a party game where you can enjoy fun moments with your friends. With its physics-based gameplay, fun challenges, and crazy missions, this game will become a favorite for both adults and kids.

PAYDAY 3 (Console and PC) - September 21

PAYDAY 3, the latest installment of the PAYDAY series, is, as its name suggests, a heist-themed action game. Bringing together characters and gameplay mechanics familiar from previous games with a new storyline, this game promises thrilling moments.

Cocoon (Console and PC) - September 29

With its mysterious atmosphere, Cocoon will immerse players in a deep narrative. Although the details are not yet fully clear, we anticipate that this game will hold a special place in the Game Pass library.

Gotham Knights (Console and PC) - October 3

Featuring beloved characters from the Batman universe such as Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood, and Nightwing, Gotham Knights will offer the pinnacle of action and adventure. Players will battle to uphold justice in the dark streets of Gotham.

The Lamplighter’s League (Console and PC) - October 3

Perhaps one of the most anticipated games of this month is The Lamplighter’s League. Set in a fantastical world, the adventures players will encounter with various characters in this game are captivating.

In conclusion, September looks to be a packed month for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Each new game is ready to attract gamers of different genres. We recommend not missing out on trying these games!

If you liked this article, continue following our blog for more information and reviews about games! And remember, you can learn about the games added to Xbox Game Pass each month right here first!

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