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Silkroad Online - Gold



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Overview of Silkroad Online Game

Silkroad Online is an MMORPG based on the historical Silk Road. Developed by Joymax, this game introduces players to the vibrant and colorful world of the ancient Silk Road. Players have the opportunity to trade between the continents of Asia and Europe, complete quests, battle monsters, and compete with other players.

Silkroad Online stands out with its detailed character designs, expansive and impressive maps, and high-quality effects. The game's graphics emphasize historical accuracy, from the attire of the characters to the natural environment. The gameplay offers a rich experience, incorporating elements such as trade, combat, crafting, and social interaction.

Players can choose from three different races: Chine, Europe, and the newly added Lycan. Each race has its unique abilities, skills, and gameplay style. Additionally, players have the chance to choose different professions, such as a merchant, hunter, or thief. These professions allow players to form trade convoys, protect valuable items, or steal them.

One of the most notable features of Silkroad Online is its intricate and unique trading system. Players can earn Gold by trading between different cities. However, they must be cautious of thieves during these journeys. Players can collaborate with other players to protect or attack caravans.

What is Silkroad Online?

Silkroad Online is an MMORPG that centers around the historical Silk Road, where players gain experience by trading between different countries and battling monsters. The game is known for its unique character customization system, extensive trading routes, PvP battles, and impressive graphics. Hundreds of thousands of players participate in the world of Silkroad Online to experience this unique gameplay.

What is Silkroad Online Gold?

In Silkroad Online, the in-game currency, Gold, holds significant importance. Gold allows players to purchase items in the game, upgrade their characters, and trade with other players. It is also required for activities like unlocking special abilities, obtaining rare items, and trading with other players.

How Can I Buy Silkroad Online Gold?

If you haven't accumulated enough Gold in-game and want to obtain this currency more quickly, Lotkeys.com is just for you! Lotkeys.com is a reliable platform selling Silkroad Online Gold. By visiting Lotkeys.com, you can choose and purchase the amount of Gold you desire. The purchasing process is simple and secure. After the payment transaction, the Gold is delivered in a short period.

How Can I Sell Silkroad Online Gold?

If you have an excess of accumulated Gold in the game and want to convert it to real money, Lotkeys.com offers an ideal solution. Through Lotkeys.com, you can sell your Gold and earn real money in return. To make a sale, all you need to do is register on the site and specify the amount of Gold you have.

Silkroad Online System Requirements?

The system requirements for Silkroad Online may vary depending on your device and playstyle. However, for a general overview, you can review the minimum and recommended system requirements below.

System Requirements Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows 7 Windows 7
Processor Pentium 3 800MHz Pentium 4 2.4GHz
RAM 512 MB 1 GB
Graphics Card GeForce FX 5500 / AMD ATI 9000 GeForce FX 5600 / AMD ATI 9500
Network 9.0c 9.0c
Storage 4 GB available space 4 GB available space


Silkroad Online offers a captivating gaming experience based on one of history's most famous trade routes. Gold is essential to succeed in the game and to outperform your competitors. Whether you earn it in-game, buy or sell on Lotkeys.com, you can increase your Gold. Lotkeys.com provides a reliable and fast solution for your Silkroad Online Gold transactions. It's time to increase your Gold!

How Will My Silkroad Online Gold Order Be Delivered?


Our Silkroad Online Gold service is delivered by opening a face-to-face stall at the delivery location specified after your order. Our products are supplied and delivered from secure suppliers for you.

Please wait in the delivery area specified below before ordering, if the delivery team cannot find you in the delivery area after your order, your order may be returned.

Delivery Area; Delivery is made by opening a stall in front of Jangan, Horseman.

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