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Cabal Online - Alz



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An Overview of the Game Cabal Online

Cabal Online is a masterpiece in the world of MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) that has captured the attention of gamers for years. Developed by EstSoft, this game invites players into a fantastical world, promising them an unforgettable adventure. Cabal Online stands out with its detailed character models and expansive, colorful world. The in-game atmosphere is enhanced by impressive graphics and sound effects, providing players with an immersive experience. Each region in the game has its own unique theme and story, making it easy for players to get lost in the game world.

There are numerous character classes in the game, including classic MMORPG classes like warriors, mages, and archers, as well as unique classes specific to Cabal Online. Players can level up their characters and acquire new abilities to enhance their characters. Cabal Online features dynamic combat mechanics, allowing players to gain an advantage against their enemies by using various abilities and combinations. Additionally, group battles and PvP (Player vs. Player) combat play a significant role in the game. The in-game economy is based on a currency called Alz. Players can use this currency to purchase in-game items, engage in trade, or access various services. Alz can be earned by completing in-game quests, defeating monsters, or trading with other players.

What Is Cabal Online Game?

Cabal Online is an MMORPG known for its impressive graphics, immersive storyline, and unique combat mechanics. This game invites players into a fantastical world where they can create their own characters, complete various quests, and interact with other players.

What Is Cabal Online Alz?

Alz is the official currency in Cabal Online. This currency enables players to purchase various in-game items, enhance their characters, and engage in trade with other players. Alz can be earned through successful in-game activities; however, there may be situations where players do not have enough Alz to obtain a specific item or enhancement.

How Can I Purchase Cabal Online Alz?

There are several methods to purchase Cabal Online Alz, but one of the most reliable and efficient ways is through Lotkeys.com. Lotkeys.com offers players the opportunity to buy Alz at competitive prices. The purchase process is straightforward: log in to Lotkeys.com, navigate to the Cabal Online Alz section, choose the desired amount, and complete your payment. Your Alz will be transferred to your game account in a short amount of time.

How Can I Sell Cabal Online Alz?

If you have an excess of Alz and wish to sell them, Lotkeys.com can assist you in this regard as well. To sell Alz through Lotkeys.com, simply sign up on the website and specify the amount you want to sell.

Cabal Online System Requirements?

The system requirements for Cabal Online may vary depending on your device and playstyle. However, for a general overview, you can review the minimum and recommended system requirements below.

System Requirements Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows 7, 8, or 10 Windows 7, 8, or 10
Processor Pentium 4 2.0GHz Pentium 4 3.0GHz
Graphics Card ATI Radeon 9800 / Geforce 6 ATI Radeon HD / Geforce 7
DirectX 9.0c 9.0c
Storage 5 GB available space 8 GB available space


Cabal Online provides a unique experience for MMORPG enthusiasts. Alz, which holds a significant place in the in-game economy, helps players achieve greater success within the game. Lotkeys.com offers a reliable platform for Cabal Online players to buy and sell Alz, allowing them to fully enjoy the game.

How will my Cabal Online Alz order be delivered?


Our Cabal Online ALZ service is delivered face to face at the specified delivery location after your order. Our products are procured and delivered from secure suppliers for you.

Please wait in the delivery area specified below before ordering, if the delivery team cannot find you in the delivery area after your order, your order may be returned.

Delivery Area; Delivery is made in CH15 in front of Hankoff Officer in Bloody Ice City.

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Cabal Online - Alz

Please make sure you are placing your order on the correct server.

Before placing your order, make sure you are in CH15 around the Hankoff Officer NPC in Bloody Ice, the delivery zone.


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